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App Sketcher 0
  • 14 days free trial
  • $99 single user
  • Free updates for life
0 no ratingYesYesYesYes HTML/CSS/JavaScript in a Zip fileYes.asap filesYes Adobe AIR basedYes Adobe AIR based
Axure 4
  • Free 30 day trial
  • $589 Perpetual Single User License (PC + Mac) with support and 12 months of updates.
  • $539 per license when you purchase 5 or more at one time
  • Optional $149 per license for existing customers renewing their maintenance agreement for another 12 months of updates. 3 ratingsAxure RP Pro 6.0YesYesYes (Beta) Secure sharing for discussions and gathering feedback by uploading to Use masters to create reusable design elements (headers, footers, etc.) Unlimited masters on a page and nesting is supported.YesYesYesYes PDF, HTML, DOCX, PNGYes In future releaseRP-filesYes Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista, or 7Yes Mac OS X 10.5+No
Balsamiq Mockups 8
  • Desktop:
    • $79 Single user
    • Volume discounts available
  • Hosted:
    • $12/mo for 3 Active Projects, Unlimited Mockups, Unlimited Users, 50% off Desktop app and SSL Security
    • $24/mo for 10 Active Projects, Unlimited Mockups, Unlimited Users, 50% off Desktop app and SSL Security
    • $49/mo for 20 Active Projects, Unlimited Mockups, Unlimited Users, 50% off Desktop app and SSL Security
    • $99/mo for 50 Active Projects, Unlimited Mockups, Unlimited Users, 50% off Desktop app, SSL Security
    • $249/mo for 100 Active Projects, Unlimited Mockups, Unlimited Users, 50% off Desktop app and SSL Security 6 ratingsBalsamiq desktopYesNoNoNoYes 75 built-in user interface components, 187 icons, plus a whole lot of community-generated componentsYesYesYes PNG, PDFYesBMML filesYesYesYes
Cacoo 1
  • Free Plan
  • $4.95/Month (Plan for single user)
  • $24.50/month (10 users)
  • $49/month (30 users)
  • $99/month (100 users) 2 ratingsYes able to continue editing even if the connection with the server has been disconnected - modifications will be saved when connected againYesYes many stencils including ones for iPhones and AndroidsYes PDF, PS, SVG, PNGYesYesYesYesYes
Concept Draw 0
  • Free 21 days Trial
  • $199 ConceptDraw Project
  • $249 ConceptDraw PRO
  • $499 ConceptDraw Office 2
  • $219 ConceptDraw Mindmap V7
0 no ratingYesYesYesNo
Denim 0 Free0 no rating2.1Yes Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, or Vista, including the Tablet PCYes Mac OS X 10.2Yes Solaris, Linux, and other Unix-like operating systems
DesignerVista 1
  • Price: $79.99
  • 20-days Free Trial
  • Desktop, Web, Mobile and Sketch Mockups
  • Windows, .NET, Java Swing, SWT, Office Ribbon Mockups
  • Websites, Silverlight, Sharepoint, YUI Mockups
  • iPhone, Phone 7, Android Mockups
  • Desktop and Web Sketch GUI Mockups 1 rating4.0YesYesYes1000+ Templates5000+ IconsYesYesYesYesYes HTML,Adobe PDF, Image (PNG, GIF, JPEG)Yes
  • HTML
  • Adobe PDF
  • Images (PNG, GIF, JPEG)
FairBuilder 1
  • $99 unit price no rating
ForeUI 1
  • $99 single user 1 ratingYesYesYesYes Resource: Custom Element (*.fce) & Library (*.fcl)YesYes PDF, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, DHTMLYes.4ui filesYesYesYesYes
HotGloo 5
  • $7/month (Single)
  • $14/month (Team)
  • $48/month (Enterprise)
  • 1 project (FREE Plan)
4.5 4 ratingsYes Notes - also delivered via emailYes Symbols, Pictures, Templates (tbc)Yes Custom Template Library (tbc)YesYes *.pdf, *.pngYesYesYesYes
Inpreso 0
  • $29/year
0 no ratingYesYesNo
iPlotz 1 Free online version
$75 desktop version no ratingYes HTML, PDF, JPG, PNGYes
Justinmind 1 $495 Single user 1 rating4.3YesYesYesYesYesYesYes HTML, imageYesfile, html or imageYesYesYesNo
Justproto 1
  • $14/month (Standard)
  • $35/month (Plus)
  • $69/month (Unlimited) 1 ratingNo It's an online application.Yes pins and notes + chat with smart conversation historyYesYes Fully interactive and clickable projects.YesYesonline + HTMLYesYes with Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari etc.Yes with Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari etcYes with Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari etc
Lovely Charts 0
  • 29€/year (online edition)
  • 59€ (desktop edition) no rating
LucidChart 2
  • Free (max 60 objects)
  • $4.95/month: Personal
  • $9.95/month: Professional
  • $25/month: Team
5.0 1 ratingNo
Lumzy 2 Free4.0 1 ratingNoNoNoYes annotations, chat, commentsYes Currently 63 built-in components, over 200 iconsYes Fully interactive and clickable prototypesYes Export to PDF or JPG, plus export summary of annotationsYesonline, or export to PDF or JPGYes web-basedYes web-basedYes web-based
MockFlow 2 Free (1 mockup with 4 pages) 59$/Year : Premium Version (unlimited)3.7 3 ratingsYesYes PNG, PDF, PPT and HTML5YesYes Web (Flash)Yes Web (Flash)Yes Web (Flash)
Mocking Bird 2
  • $9/month - Personal
  • $20/month - Team
  • $40/month - Pro
  • $85/month - Unlimited
0 no rating
MockLinkr 0 Free (up to 10 images)
$19/month (unlimited images)
0 no rating
Mockup Builder 2 Free Online version, Desktop version installs from Online version5.0 1 ratingYes FreewareNo Note yet plannedYes JSONYes Available in review / presentation modeYes drag & dropNo Not supportedYesYes PDF, PNG, ZIP of PNG(many screens)YesJSON / XMLYes Web and Silverlight basedYes Web and Silverlight basedYes Web and Silverlight based!/mockupbuilder
Napkee 0 $49 and more0 no rating
OmniGraffle 1
  • 14 days free trial
  • $99.99 individual license
  • $199.99 individual pro license
  • $149.99 family license
  • $299.99 family pro license no rating5NoYesNo
Pencil Firefox Add on 0 Free0 no ratingYes
Pidoco 1
  • 31-day free trial!
  • Basic $9 per month
  • Classic $29 per month
  • Expert $59 per month no ratingNo HTML Export to simulate prototypes offlineYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes!/pidoco
PowerMockup 0
  • Single License: $39.95
  • Small Team License: $119.95
  • Team License: $199.95
0 no ratingYesNoYes Feedback via PowerPoint's review features; sharing possible via SkyDrive or SharePointYesYes Using PowerPoint Slide MastersMore than 100 wireframe icons includedYesYesYesYes PDF, XPS, PNG, JPG, WMF, EPS, WMV, ...YesPowerPoint file (.pptx, .ppt)YesYes Add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010NoNo
ProtoShare 1
  • Free 15-day Trial on All Plans
  • Starting at $29/month no ratingProtoShare 5NoNoNoYes Developer Annotations & Reviewer CommentsYes Drag & Drop ComponentsYes Add Mini-Masters or Custom Widgets thru HTML, CSS & JavascriptYesYes Export to HTML archive, Web URL, or Word Doc SpecYesInteractive online prototype, interactive offline prototype, or Word spec.YesYes Web-basedYes Web-basedYes Web-based
Simulify 0
  • Free online version
  • $89 desktop version
0 no ratingYes Paid version only
Website Wireframe 0 Free0 no rating
WireframeSketcher 2 $75 single user 3 ratingsYesNo Planned for near futureYes Open XML formatNoYesYes Extensible palette. Downloadable stencils for Android, iPhone and more.YesYes Vector PDF, PNG.YesXML filesYes Via Component widgetYesYesYes