MCP9808BME280BMP180DS18B20DS18B20 waterproofTMP36LM35DZDHT11DHT22AM2320Thermistor MF58MAX31855 with K thermocouple
Range max125 °C85 °C65 °C125 °C125 °C125 °C150 °C55 °C80 °C80 °C300 °C900 °C
Range min-55 °C-40 °C0 °C-55 °C-55 °C-40 °C-55 °C0 °C-40 °C-40 °C-30 °C-200 °C
Accuracy+/-0,5°C+/-0,1°C+/-0,5°C+/-0,5°C+/-0,5°C+/- 1°C+/-0,5°C+/- 0,5°C+/-0,5°C+/- 2°C+/- 6°C
input voltage range (Volts)2.7 V - 5,5 V3.3 V - 5 V3.3 V - 6 V3 V - 5,5 V3 V - 5,5 V2.7 V - 5.5 V4 V - 30 V3 V - 5.5 V3 V - 6 V3.1 V - 5,5 V3.3 V - 5 V
current consumption nominal (mA)0.20.004
current consumption in sleep mode (mA)0.00010.0001
number of total wires necessary4 (5)443 (2?)3 (2?)3333425
Communication protocolI2CI2CI2C1-wire1-wireI2CSPI
Packagingmodule, breakout PCBmodule, breakout PCBmodule, breakout PCBTO-92TO-92TO-92TO-92modulemodulemodule
other measurementspressure, hygrometrypressurehygrometry (20-90%)hygrometry (0-100%)hygrometry (0-99%)
particular characteristicup to 64 probes on the same data lineup to 64 probes on the same data line
CommentsUser Programmable Temperature Alert Output pinNeed to substract self heating value (2°C ?)to be used with K thermocouple probe
Typical price per unit7 EUR8 EUR2 EUR0.5 EUR2 EUR0.5 EUR0.5 EUR4 EUR0.1 EUR16 EUR
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