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A continuación se presentan algunos consejos para ayudarle a tomar mejores comparaciones en SocialCompare.
If you find some useful tips you would like to share, please do not hesitate to send them via our formulario de contacto or on Twitter.

Esta sección no se ha traducido, sin embargo, sentimos las molestias.

Reuse criteria

Try to reuse existing criteria: that way you could easily compare items from different comparison, and include existing items in your comparison without having to duplicate the information.

Reuse items

Try to include existing items in your comparison in order to duplicate and maintain the same information.

Use the import feature

For faster edition you can use the import function. You just need to click on "import" link located above the table. You could then copy and paste from an existing spreadsheet, an HTML page... Criteria and items will then be created automatically.

Be universal

Try to use universal criteria where possible, or at least universal text. Prefer the following text 'Windows, Linux' as 'Windows and Linux' (which will require translation)

Create easily your online comparison table

It is easy and free to create, embed and share your own custom online comparison table.