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Multiple Accounts
TypeSocial NetworkSocial Network / Identity ServiceMicro blogging / Social network
Launch date2004-02-04 2011-09-20 2006-03-01
Video uploadNo
Android Support
Ease of use (General)
5.0/5 1 Valoración
3.0/5 1 Valoración
4.0/5 1 Valoración
Free registration
SMS Delivery limit to 140 characters
Block Users
Photo Upload
iPhone Support
iPad Support
Save User to Contacts
Windows Phone 7
Search People
4.0/5 1 Valoración
4.0/5 1 Valoración
3.5/5 2 Calificaciones
Events ManagementNoNo
Friends updatesGet direct updates from friends you follow or favorite.Get direct updates from friends you add into your circles.Get direct updates from friends you follow.
Groups or ListsFacebook enables you to make friend lists. They can be grouped into favorites, close friends, family, acquaintances, restricted, or create custom lists to organize friends as you like.Google Circles enables you to make groups of friends with the drag and drop interface. When you make a post, you can choose the circles that will see your update.Twitter Lists enables you to group people by topic, and see updates from all of them in one dedicated activity stream.
Exclude friends or groups from your updatesNo
Video Group callingNo Up to 10 usersNo
Private group chatsNo
Public group chatsNo
Watch youtube videoNo
Adding location to your postsNo
Business profilesNo
Questions and PollsNoNo
Support third party appsNo
Comment threadsNo
Posts in web search results
Posts likes Favorite
Comments likesNo
IM Style Chat Facebook messenger Google+ Hangouts Direct messages
Phone Contact IntegrationNo
Custom Chat AreaNo
Photo based contact Facebook profile picture Google account Picture Twitter profile picture
Make phone callsNo
Make video callsNo
Free phone callsNo
Group callsNoNo
Group ChatNo
Share photo
Share videoNo
File transferNo
Caller IDNo