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Events ManagementNoNo
Support third party appsNo
Business profilesNo
Verified accountsNoNo
Activity Stream
Friends updatesGet updates after a friend accepts your friend request. Then you receive he updates he wants to share with you.Get direct updates from friends you follow.Get direct updates from friends you add into your circles.
Groups or ListsFacebook List enables you to make list of friends by topic, and choose which list see your updates when you post a content. The interface to make list is quite traditional, less innovative than the drag and drop of Google Circles. You can exclude some friends or groups from getting your updates.Twitter Lists enables you to group people by topic, and see updates from all of them in one dedicated activity stream.Google Circles enables you to make groups of friends with the drag and drop interface. When you make a post, you can choose the circles that will see your update.
Exclude friends or groups from your updatesNo
Posts in web search resultsNo
Posts likes Favorite
Comments likesNo
Comment threadsNo
Questions and PollsNoNo
Adding location to your posts with Facebook mobileNo
Video calling
Video Group callingNoNo Up to 10 users
Private group chatsNoNo
Public group chatsNoNo
Requires an accept by the initiatorNoNo
Watch youtube videoNo
Supported OS & Browsers
  • Windows, Mac
  • Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari
  • Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Ubuntu, Debian based linux distributions
  • Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera
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