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2021-09-17 10:52:47
2021 has seen Microsoft SharePoint take giant strides in the right direction. From the on-premise variant of the early 2000s, the platform has expanded to cloud based solutions along with Office 365 and Microsoft 365. Companies in dire need of tailored solutions and collaborations specified for their business needs turn to consultants and professionals like Orion eSolutions.
It is a known fact that developers have to put in some extra effort. Creation of a corporate intranet or a learning hub, or even a document management system demands this extra input. There are numerous challenges associated with this global ecosystem and there are certain trends that have popped up in order to address these challenges. We will be covering 3 of these trends in this piece. But first, let us understand the extent of platform’s capacity through some statistics.
With that stats in mind, let us understand the trends that are defining SharePoint development in 2021.


The End of Farm Solutions: Certain companies that engage in both cloud-based and on-site SharePoint alternatives tend to use similar toolkits and strategies for both. This is counterproductive. The deployment logic is significantly distinguishable in both the cases. Hence farm solutions for both will not work.
This technique was employable earlier when there were 2 types of solution mainly being focused upon: farm solutions and sandboxed solutions. The former affected the entire farm while the latter worked more on a site collection level. In 2021 however, the go to approach is add-ins. Experts can easily create almost each and every custom component through this approach.
SPFx and PnP: SPFx or SharePoint Framework was launched by Microsoft to support transition. Organizations could leverage this while shifting from server-based approach to more modern development practices. This approach acts as a fresh alternative to the traditional .NET variant. In 2021, the hype is all about TypeScript. And since SPFx is compatible with the 2016 and 2019 versions of the platform, cloud trends can be indulged in by server-side development as well.
Patterns and Practices or PnP is yet another productive stride. The huge global PnP community keeps optimizing the approach. It encompasses a holistic vision of revamped SharePoint development and is being experimented with by many professional development teams such as Orion eSolutions.
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