Java vs Python

2019-03-01 07:43:19
Compare Java vs Python
Usability:It is the most fundamental language for multiple platforms.Python has a more high-level programming language
Speed:Java is statically typed programming, making it faster.Python, on the other hand, is an interpreter is manually typed, makes it slower.
Language:Java is object-oriented programming language.Python is object-oriented with the advantage of scripting language.
Legacy:Java Legacy systems are typically larger and numerous.It has less legacy problem making it difficult for the organizations to copy and paste.
CodeLonger line of code than PythonShorter lines of code than Java.
Databases:Java database connectivity is popular and widely used to connect.Pythons access layers are weaker than Java.
Search Result:Less growth than PythonThere is significant growth in the search of Python.
Syntax:The syntax of Java is complex than Python.The syntax of Python is easier than Java.
Practical Agility:Java because of its statically typed programming is popular for mobile and web applications.Python on the other is popular with more recent choices like ML, AI, Data science.
Productivity:Due to larger and complex coding than Python, productivity is less.Lesser coding than Java, make its productivity high.
Easy to Use:Longer and complex coding than Python makes it less easy to understand.Because of simplicity and shorter code Python is easy to use.
Readability:Because of complex coding, readability is less.Shorter coding makes Python more readable.
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