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2021-11-16 07:32:19
Having an online store set up dishes out multiple advantages. From being able to provide a faster and smoother buying experience to crafting better and faster responses to market demands. When it comes to development platforms, the major players are Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Volusion, and 3DCart among others. In today’s discussion, we will be focusing on Magento. We will try to understand what major mistakes one can avoid to leverage the entire potential of this platform. But first, as usual, here are some numbers.
With these magnificent numbers embellishing its presence, it comes as no surprise that major brands and industry fat cats such as Nike, Ford, Olympus, Nescafe, Coca-Cola, Lenovo, and Samsung among others use Magento to power their digital store fronts. Now we move to our primary discussion.


Complicated Navigation

A seamless and smooth user experience should be at the core of any ecommerce platform. A complex navigation plan negates this entirely. Layered navigation has a proven track record of being the best to use. Using Ajax navigation filters and disabling crawling on unimportant pages makes the navigation more user-friendly.

Backup Irregularities

Magento ecommerce app or website is subject to irregular backups by merchants. This adds to the chance of potential data breach or hacking risks. Regular backups must be done to avoid this and it should be a crucial aspect of Magento maintenance plans. Irregular backups also increase the chance of disturbing user experience as technical inadequacies might arise.

FTP Installation

Upgradation capacity on Magento can be properly maintained only by using downloader method to install. It becomes easier to get the most stable version and to reduce file sizes. On the other hand, using a file transfer protocol method to achieve this can cause technical discrepancies

Title Tags

Search engine rankings can drop if proper attention is not provided to title tags while developing a store on Magento. If done conscientiously, it makes the business easily discoverable by getting all your content well structured.
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