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Vembu VMBackupVeeam BackupDESCRIPTION
All-in-One SolutionOuiNon- One stop solution for all your Backup andDisaster Recovery needs. Vembu supportsimage Backups for VMware, Hyper-V &Physical Windows servers as well asdesktops. We also support granularbackups such as File/Folder backup andApplication backups.
Persistent BackupsOuiNon- made on instant booted images isstored separately and can be restored laterto production environment, if required.
Back to Business in less than 60 SecondsOuiNon- assures RTO < 1 Min by usingInstant Virtual Machine Boot.
Avoid data loss after DROuiOui- < 15 mins which is lesser than theindustry benchmark.
Instant Virtual Machine RecoveryOuiOui- boot backed up images on ESXihost or Hyper-V or KVM.
Migration Plans (P2V and V2V)OuiNon- physical machines to VMware orHyper-V with lesser downtime.
Instant Virtual Machine Recovery on VMware ESXi hostOuiOui- Instantly boot the backed up images on ESXi host as a VM.
Instant Virtual Machine Recovery on Microsoft Hyper-V hostOuiNon- Instantly boot the backed up images on Hyper-V host as a VM.
Instant Virtual Machine Recovery on KVM hypervisorOuiNon- Instantly boot the backed up images on KVM host as a VM.
Instant File Level RecoveryOuiOui- Recover files from the VM or physical image instantly
Backup image verificationOuiNon
VMware vSphereOuiOui- Supports ESXi host v4.0 and above and vCenter v4.1 and above.
Microsoft Hyper-VOuiOui- Supports Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 & 2012 R2. Supports CSV & SMB.
Windows Physical ServersOuiNon- Supports Windows 2003 and above
Windows Desktops & LaptopsOuiOui- Supports Windows XP and above.
Microsoft Office365OuiNon- Backup support for MS Office365
Google AppsOuiNon- Backup support for Google Apps.
Changed Block TrackingOuiOui- During incremental Vembu tracks the changes alone.
Application-aware Image Based BackupsOuiOui- Create application consistent, image-level backups with advanced Application-Aware processing (including transaction log truncation).
Compare Vembu VMBackup vs Veeam Backup vs DESCRIPTION
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