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    Founded and headquartered in Edinburgh Scotland, DaXtra has a global presence with offices in US, UK, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and China.
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  • Formats d'entrée
    Microsoft Word (doc, docx), Microsoft Excel (xls, xlsx), Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt), Text file (txt), Mac Pages (pages), PDF including graphical document (pdf), HTML (htm, html), Rich Text (rtf), OpenOffice 2.+ (odt, ods), Microsoft Office HTML (htm, html), HTML Archives (mht, mhtml), Email (eml, msg, tnef), XML Paper Specification (xps), Outlook vcard (vcf), Image files* (jpg, jpeg, png), Word XML Markup Language (wml), Compressed files (zip, rar, gzip, tar), Microsoft Works (wps), Word Perfect (wpd)
    Méthode d'export
    Output available as JSON or XML. For XML, the Parser outputs in either DaXML (DaXtra's custom XML schema) or HR-XML (HR-XML Consortium's schema with DaXtra extensions). Both XML and JSON schema versions are backwards-compatible.
    Batch Upload
    Intégrés en tant que partenaires
    Bullhorn, ICIMS, SAP Success Factors, Oracle Taleo, Adapt, DocCafe, MedJobsCafe, Catsone, https://www.daxtra.com/partners/
    Multi Locale Support
    yes https://www.daxtra.com/resume-database-software/resume-parsing-software/languages/
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  • Nom
    DaXtra Technologies
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    http://socialcompare.com/u/1901/daxtra-x-logo_f0f11882abd908d822e1139cf61956e3.png http://socialcompare.com/u/1901/daxtra-x-logo-4pqyul7h.png
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  • Société
    DaXtra Technologies is a world-leading specialist in high-accuracy, multilingual resume and job parsing, semantic search, matching and recruitment automation. DaXtra offers a competitive edge in finding the best available talent, while keeping the cost-per-hire to a minimum. Our products seamlessly integrate with our clients’ existing systems and processes helping to find relevant information quickly and intuitively, across multiple internal and external databases. With offices spanning the UK, US, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Australia, DaXtra partners with over 1,500 organizations globally. We support the world’s largest staffing companies, best boutique recruitment firms, corporate in-house talent acquisition teams, job boards and software vendors.
    Siège social
    Founded and headquartered in Edinburgh Scotland, DaXtra has a global presence with offices in London, Hong Kong, US, Australia, Japan and China.
    Intégrés en tant que partenaires
    Bullhorn, ICIMS, SAP Success Factors, Oracle Taleo, Adapt, DocCafe, MedJobsCafe, Catsone
    http://socialcompare.com/u/1901/daxtra-x-logo-shade_5bc0f1c1ae96d0fbf5efa322793a6948.jpg http://socialcompare.com/u/1901/daxtra-x-logo-shade-4pqykn7r.jpg
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    Assistance téléphonique
    yes Europe
    Support 24/7
    yes Email & online issue submission
    Siège social
    Europe - Offices in US and Asia
    Site web
    Intégrés en tant que partenaires
    Randstad Technologies, Penta, Spencer Ogden, HCL,Orion Group
    Founded in Edinburgh, UK in 2002
    Support is provided for multiple integration methods, including COM objects, Java, Soap and .net, and multiple output formats are supported alongside DaXtra’s own XML schema, including HR-XML.
    yes Component deployment or hosted solution.
    yes DaXtra Parser can also be supplied as a hosted service, running on a redundant, load-balanced platform, for maximum availability and accuracy from the latest release version at all times.
    Multi Locale Support
    Format de sortie
    DaXtra Parser outputs a defined XML schema for both Candidates and Vacancies. These schemas can be extended on request to support native extraction of content into bespoke user-fields, or bespoke schemas are also available.
    DaXtra Parser provides for the parsing of social media content, by supporting the growing list of Social CVs and Business Profiles, along with all electronic communication contact types, such as Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn and Xing contact info, amongst others. Not only does DaXtra Search aggregate searching, it integrates directly into your CRM database, meaning that the CV data you already own is exploited to maximum effect.
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