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    DevOps concepts enable continuous development feedback. Continuous feedback leads to process improvement. Components of DevOps rely heavily on automation. For example, this includes the creation and execution of test scripts.
    Mixed Data Sources
    Hygieia was developed because teams at Capital One found that most DevOps dashboards did not fit their needs, and only covered a portion of the pipeline. A tech team at the company developed Hygieia as a more comprehensive approach to managing pipelines. Hygieia has six widgets to track code repos, quality, monitoring, features, and deployment. Many of these widgets already integrate with existing products such as IBM's UrbanCode.
    The Deploy widget displays deployment and environment status details, including information about artifacts and server. The ChatOps widget displays the collaborative details from the chat engine.
    Ad-hoc Filters
    The Monitor widget displays the monitor details that track the status of services such as APIs, GitHub URLs, or Jenkins. This widget displays the status based on the service HTTP code.
    Single UI Management
    Hygieia dashboards provide administrator and user access through various views. An admin user can:- Select a theme for the dashboard, Manage user and admin accounts for the dashboard, Set up API tokens for authentication, Create and manage custom dashboard templates
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  • Dynamic Dashboards
    monitor things like workitems, code repo, builds, quality items (unit tests, security, coverage, etc.) and deployments in one dashboard. Set up the dashboard to display the widgets that matter most to your project.
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    Hygieia is an OSS Project Sponsored by Capital One which promotes a single, configurable, easy to use dashboard to visualize near real-time status of the entire delivery pipeline.
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