NFC S4MDR ZABER Sentry 2.0Custom_MOD SLM3 ImSalvo Studios S401Custom_MOD SX ImCustom_MOD SX2 stlCustom_MOD SXM StlGeeek A30Custom_MOD FX StlMili MS01 (small M-ATX alternative from Taobao)Raijintek MetisCustom_MOD M2 Im (rejected)
Largeur64 mm66 mm65 mm68 mm120 mm122 mm130 mm124 mm110 mm150 mm190 mm115 mm
Profondeur225 mm310 mm185 mm324 mm305 mm308 mm187 mm244 mm190 mm280 mm277 mm185 mm
Hauteur348 mm340 mm310 mm357 mm185 mm200 mm260 mm274 mm225 mm268 mm254 mm190 mm
Case typeconsoleconsoleconsoleconsolesandwichsandwichsandwichsandwichsandwichriserlessriserlesssandwich
Price in GBP (incl. shipping, excl import fees to UK)151 excl. shipping2255816714216316183 + cost of custom side panels1215550104
Max. CPU cooler height45 mm47 m50 mm52 mm48 mm48 mm65 mm50 mm48 mm60 mm160 mm48 mm
Max. GPU length215 mm305 mm180 mm305 mm300 mm300 mm183 mm211 mm183 mm265 mm267 mm183 mm
PositivesVery cheap. Significantly smaller than S4MCPU and GPU on same sideCheap. Can be made dust-free with custom side panel. Two 80 mm fan mounts.
NegativesNot compatible with C7. ExpensiveExtremely expensiveNot dust-freeExcessive ventilation. ExpensiveLarger than SXM. Large in general.Not much smaller than FX
RemarquesNot under the order (custom case not immediately possible)GPU and CPU on same sideOrder custom side panels: