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On Premise VersionOuiOuiNonOuiOuiOuiNon
RemarquesMobile Device Management SOftware Through its intuitive interface, CLYD lets you create, locked down areas containing a selection of authorized content for a group of devices. It also allows you to make hardware and software inventories, deploy and update Android apps on your managed devices, remotely control them… The Mobile Device Management solution CLYD is available in license purchase mode (On-premise) and Rental mode (Software as a Service).Scalefusion is one of the best mobile device management (MDM) solutions for businesses. It offers a wide range of features and benefits that help businesses manage and secure their endpoints including smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, mPOS, and digital signages, along with apps and content. It supports the management of Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 devices and ensures streamlined device management operations with InterOps. Some of its key features include remote device management, app management, content management, security management, and more. Scalefusion's intuitive interface and powerful features make it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, Scalefusion offers excellent customer support, which further enhances its value.Hexnode is a leading endpoint management software that helps enterprises in managing their devices across multiple platforms from a single centralized web console. They offer a comprehensive mobility management software to support all major platforms such as Android, iOS, macOS, Fire OS, Windows, Android TV and Apple TVs. Trusted by SMBs to Fortune 100 companies around the world, Hexnode simplifies the digital workplace. With a simple UI for greater visibility and control over mobile devices across the enterprise, BYOD and corporate-owned devices can be managed within a click. Some of their key highlights include application deployment, remote monitoring and management, device encryption methods, web content filtering, account configuration, kiosk lockdown, digital signage display, custom scripting, zero touch enrolment methods, patch management and many more features and integrations also.TinyMDM, official Android EMM partner, is specialized in Android Mobile Device Management and offers a centralized and intuitive management solution of all Android devices within an organization. Its cost-efficiency and its ease of use and integration make it accessible to businesses with no particular IT knowledge nor enough time / budget to elaborate a complex MDM strategy.
Version gratuiteNonNonOui 14 Days Free TrialNonNonNonOuiOui 30 day free trial period
Prix de base24 $ per year per device40 € /user/y included Apps1,08 $ per device per month billed annually1,9 € per month per device
Prix50 $ per device | One Time Fee Maintenance $10 per device annually - Perpetual Licence75 $ /y61 $75 $ /y62 $ /y60 $ /y19 € per year per device
Client platforms
iOS clientOuiOui- Google sync (=ActiveSync?)OuiOuiOuiNon
Android clientOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Windows Phone 8 (RT)Oui- Google sync (=ActiveSync?)OuiOuiOuiNon
Windows Phone 7Oui- Google sync (=ActiveSync?)OuiOui-Non
Windows MobileOui- Google sync (=ActiveSync?)OuiOuiOuiOuiNon
SymbianNon- Google sync (=ActiveSync?)NonNonOuiNon
BlackBerryNon- Google sync (=ActiveSync?)NonOuiOuiNon
Inventory managementOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
LDAP/AD intégrationOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Remote controlOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Remote WipeOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Remote LockOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Data isolationOuiNonOuiOui
Enterprise Apps self service catalogOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
push applicationsOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Déploiements de configurationsOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Configuration des options de sécuritéOuiOuiOuiOuiOui