Open SourcePurely open sourceOpen source,But owned by Oracle and several paid edition.
GovernanceThe product of the global development groupThe product under the terms of the GNU(general public licence).
PerfomanceMostly used for web-based projects that you need a database for straightforward data transaction.Highly used in large system where to read and write speeds are important and require execution of complex queries.
ACID ComplianceFully ACID compliancePartially ACID compliance
SQL ComplianceMostly SQL CompliantPartially SQL Compliant
Supported platformsLinux,Windows (Win 2000 SP4 and later),Free BSD,Open BSD,Net BSD,mac OS x,AIX,IRIX,Solaris and open-source Unix OS.Solaris,Microsoft Windows,Linux mac OS X a Free BSD OS.
Programming LanguageC/C++,R,Tcl,Go,Lisp,Erlang Delphi,Java Script,Java,Python,and .Net.C/C++,PHP,R,Go,Lisp,Perl,Erlang,Delphi,Java,and Node.JS.
Materialised ViewSupportedNot Supported
Replication PlatformMaster-slave replication and other types of implementation can be put using third party extensions.Uses Master-Master replication and perform master-Slave replication.
ExtensibleSupportedNot Supported
Access MethodSupported all standardsSupported all standards
SecuritySecurity secure from ground up with SSL support for connections for encryptions.Highly Security, a lot of features are built in MySQL.