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2018-04-04 10:22:42
Compare Deep Learning Studio vs. Neural Network Console vs. Neural Network Modeler vs. NVIDIA Digit
DEEP COGNITION - Deep Learning StudioSONY - Neural Network ConsoleIBM - Neural Network ModelerNVIDIA - DigitComment
Version of the software2.0Current1.16.0For NNC and NNM it is the version currently available on their Cloud.
Underlaying FrameworkApache MXNetSONY Neural Netwok LibrariesTheano Tensorflow/Keras Caffe (v1)Tensorflow
Development ActivityImportant (2 enhanced versions have been release recently)Unknown NNL - github is here :"UnkownImportantNNC - Activity on the underlaying framework (NNL) is weak.
GPUsCUDA compatible???Depends on the target FrameworkCUDA compatible
Graphical editor providedYesYesYesNo Changing the model is possible by editing the network graph"
DL models supported
- CNNYesYesYesYes
- LSTMYesYesYes
- MLP / Auto-encodersYesYesYes
- RNNYesYes
Pretained NetworksYes (Resnet50, InceptionV3, SqueezeNet, VGG16, VGG19, WideResNet)NoNoYes
Use Keras APIYesNoNo
Save Keras HDFS file (.h5)YesNo
Save Keras model .yaml fileNoNo
Save Keras model fileNoNo
Load Keras model .yaml fileYesNo
Load Keras HDFS file (.h5)YesNo
Code generationNoNoYes
- TheanoNoNoYes
- Tensorflow/KerasNoNoYes
- Caffe (v1)NoNoYes
Custom cost functionYesNoNo
Load Keras Models + WeightsYesNo
Load Caffe Models + WeightsNoNoYes
Load Keras Code???
Model checkerYesYesYesNo
Datasets ManagementYesYesNoYes
Experiments MangementYesNo
- Exp comparisonYes
- Prev. Exp loaderYes???N/A
DL model trainingYesYesNoYes
Tune learning parameterYesYes
Live performance monitoringYesNo
Inference availableYesYesNoYes
Results browserYesNo
View Valid/test set inferenceYesYes
Confusion matrixNoYes
Visualize intermediate layer activationYesNo
User test intYesNo
- Rest APIYesYes On DC server
- CloudYesYes
but no computing environnement"Yes
- Cloud Trial periodYesYesYes
- DesktopYes (any platform with python)NoYes
Environment managementYesNoNo
Python shellYesNoNo
Jupyter notebookYesNoNo
(Keras API)""Minimal
(SONY Neural Network Library)"???
Web Sitehttp://www.deepcognition.ai
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    2018-04-04 10:22:42
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