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2019-10-14 20:26:03
HeightWidthDepthFront viewSame contact as full sizeForm factorStandard referenceDevices using it
Full-size85.6 mm53.98 mm0.76 mmYes1FFISO/IEC 7810:2003, ID-1(credit card size)
Mini-SIM25 mm15 mm0.76 mmYes2FFISO/IEC 7810:2003, ID-000Early mobile phones
Micro-SIM15 mm12 mm0.76 mmYes3FFETSI TS 102 221 V9.0.0, Mini-UICCiPhone 4
Nano-SIM12.3 mm8.8 mm0.67 mmYes4FFETSI TS 102 221 V11.0.0iPhone 5
Embedded-SIM6 mm5 mm1 mm less thanNo solderedJEDEC Design Guide 4.8, SON-8iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR
  • 2019-10-14 20:26:03
    2019-10-14 20:26:03
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