High speed trains

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High-speed trains operates faster than the normal speed of rail traffic. The minimum speed limit to consider a train as High speed train is 250 km/h (155 mph) when operating on dedicated tracks. Commercial speed is usually about 300 km/h (186 mph) for the majority of trains.

Shinkansen E5China Railways CRH380ASapsanChina Railways CRH2CTHSR 700TICE 3SNCF TGV DuplexETR 500SNCF TGV AtlantiqueSNCF TGV Sud-Est
Maximum speed320 km/h380 km/h250 km/h350 km/h300 km/h330 km/h320 km/h300 km/h300 km/h300 km/h (270 km/h originally)
Speed record486 km/h290 km/h394.2 km/h315 km/h368 km/h574.8 km/h 2007362 km/h 2009515.3 km/h 1990380.4 km/h 1981
Passenger capacity731494604610989460512671485350
Entered service2011201020092007200720001995-06-21199219891981
Weight667 t503 t409 t380 t640 t444 t385 t
Train length203 m250 m201.4 m304 m200 m200 m354.33 m237.5 m200 m
ManufacturerHitachi, Kawasaki Heavy IndustriesChina South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation LimitedSiemensKawasaki Heavy Industries, Sifang Locomotive and Rolling StockKawasaki Heavy Industries, Rolling Stock Company, Hitachi Rail, Nippon SharyoSiemensALSTOM (GEC-Alsthom)TREVI SpAGEC-AlsthomGEC-Alsthom
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