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This comparison table helps you to choose the best logo design contest site between all the existing design logo contest sites.

Through these crowdsourcing platforms, you submit a webdesign project (logo design contest or also sometimes a full page/website or theme design), and hundreds of web designers send their design proposals. Then you just need to decide and choose the best logo design.

Do not hesitate to add logo design contest site or comparison criteria (features...) to this collaborative comparison table. After using one of this website, you could also review the contest site : rate it on 5 stars, and leave a comment about your experience.

99designs48hourslogoCrowdspringDesignCrowdDesignContestWilogoDesignHillChoosaLogoarenaDesignOnClickGraphiste.comBrandsupplyCreadsCrowdsite.comHatchwiseLogo Design Guru
Number of designers938643131504429.917145093404820536.5971898241028
Last update2014-12-15 11:29:282014-03-26 21:04:192014-03-26 21:04:192014-12-15 11:29:282014-03-26 21:04:192015-01-12 16:46:082015-06-04 21:30:372014-12-15 11:29:282014-11-16 21:19:412012-11-22 21:45:482014-03-26 21:04:192013-04-02 11:44:372015-01-12 10:02:262014-06-11 14:48:112014-12-15 11:29:562013-03-08 23:58:11
Logo contest
Number of proposals per contest121110 +100120 + per contest16611650 +10 +598011095 +108
Number of designers per contest36
Contest length7 days2 Days - 7 Days1, 5, 10 or 15 days3, 7, 10 or 14 days3 days4 days5, 7, 10 days>=7 - 30<=7 days7 - 14 days7 days
Min. prize amount295 USD (include 100% money-back guarantee)99 USD269 USD USD (include money back guarantee)185.4 EUR150 USD and varies from the design category295 USD195 USD for a logo contest249 USD200 EUR299 EUR HT75 EUR790 EUR100 USD - With money back guarantee100 USD
Listing Fee- included in the contest costYes 15% fee of the contest awardYesYes gratuitYes 29.95 €- Included in the pricemoney
Private projectYesYesYes for project at $1,349YesYes + 50$YesYesYesYes
Other contests
Page mockupYes Get a unique web page design in under a week, from just $595NoYes Standard projects start at $499, including fees.YesYesYes 895€YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Wordpress themeYes Get a WordPress blog or website designed in 7 days, from $595NoYes Standard projects start at $729, including fees.YesYes Wordpress, Joomla, Droopal, plus other popular CMSNoYesYesYesNoYesYes Get a web or Wordpress design within days.Yes
Twitter backgroundsYes Twitter background design from $95 with a 100% money back guarantee!NoYesYesNoYesYesYesYes
Banner adsYes Custom-made, stand out banner ads designed in 7 days, from only $145YesYes Standard projects start at $384, including fees.YesYes 150€YesYesYesYes
Buttons & Icons designYesYes from $100 custom made in a little as 2 days!Yes Standard projects start at $269, including fees.YesNoYesYesYesYes
Mobile DesignYesYesYesNoYesYesYesYes
SloganNoNoYes Standard projects start at $269, including fees.NoYes Custom Graphics done efficiently, affordably with top quality resultsNoYesYes Choisissez votre logo entre 50 à 200 projets.YesNoYesYes and also brand nameYes Start a name finding contest! Starting at $50,-Yes
Free definitionNo other categories available but not totally freeNoYesYesYes 100% Money back Guarantee. Plus sponsored contestsNoNoYes Garantie de remboursement.YesNoYesYesYes
Clothing DesignYes T-shirtYes T-Shirt / ApparrelYesYes T-shirtNoNoNoYesYes
Multi LocalEnglish onlyEnglish onlyEnglish onlyEnglishLanguages: Spanish, Portguese and English. Payment in all mayor currencies.French, English, German, ItalianFrançaisEnglish, French, German, DutchFrançais, Japonais, Espagnol, AnglaisEnglish, Dutch and German
Quality ControlYes Designers report violations to Logo Court area for community discussion and moderator decision.Yes Moderators only allow unique designs, no clipart elementsYes Quality control via 24/5 support in English, Spanish and Portuguese & Expert Panel of Designers.Yes Nos concepteurs ne sont pas autorisés à se servir de clip-art et fonctions image tracing. Toutes les propositions de logo seront originales et préparées pour les besoins du concours.Yes Les projet de création sont encadrés par des chefs de projet contrôlant la qualité des créations. Les designers de Creads sont des professionnels authentifiés à l'inscription.Yes Designers will report violations and a active group of moderators will scan the designs.
Hire the designer directlyCan hire the individual designers for additional work.Can hire the individual designers for additional work. Re-hire contest winning designer.Ranking of participating designers. Free and easy to contact designers via platform.OuiTout créatif professionnel est accepté. Les talent managers de Creads ont la mission de dénicher les meilleurs pour les besoins clients.yes, this can be done in a private project.
Designers ScreeningTop Ranked designers based on their earning in the last 30 days. Each has a personal portfolio page available for viewing.Every designer needs to go through designer test before participating in contests.Extensive ranking based on won contest and favorites of designers and contest holders.Nous coopérons uniquement avec des concepteurs professionnels des pictogrammes.Les performances sur les projets, les book créatifs, les données sur la réactivité et le professionalisme des créatifs sont utilisés pour classer la communauté.We provide a ranking system for designers, a designer gets more experience if they win a contest or get ranked positive.
Design Copyright TransferAfter the winning design has been uploaded via the Design Handover process and the copyright is agreed to by both parties, the copyright agreement is able to be printed and the copyright is deemed to be transferred to the contest holder.Copyright ownership is only transferred to the Client when the winning designer has been paid.Contest Holder owns full copyrights of the winning designContest owner owns full copyrights of the winning designAprès le concours et le choix du logo vous obtiendrez la confirmation écrite de cession de droits au projet.Contest Holder owns full copyrights of the winning designLes droits d'exploitation des créations achetées sont cédées au client. Les droits créations non-achetée restent entièrement la propriété de leurs auteurs.Each designer will agree to transfer any copyrights possible.
Customer serviceNoYes 877-962-7720 M-F 8am to 6pm, CT and Email anytimeNoYes 1888-906-1888 - Live chat, KnowledgebaseYesYes 24/5 Customer support in English, Spanish and Portuguese (Phone, Live Chat, Email)Yes Oui, par mailNoYes English, French, German, DutchYes Français, Anglais, Espagnol, JaponaisYes By phone or mail in English, Dutch or German.No
Video tourhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ksouiru1TE&feature=plcphttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0Bray9wqf8http://youtu.be/X5EbsRrxrBIhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9Qx6fbt1ycAhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v285C54dQchttp://vimeo.com/30149812http://vimeo.com/41692842http://vimeo.com/34322639http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSOq4T7GOK8http://youtu.be/p32bxZLsVD8
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Customers opinion4.5 2 ratings0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating5.0 2 ratings4.7 3 ratings0 no rating5.0 1 rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating5.0 1 rating0 no rating4.0 1 rating0 no rating
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  • Comparison of websites that organize webdesign and especially logo design contests between hundreds of webdesigners from around the world.
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