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2015-10-09 08:51:41
Logo creation contest websites comparison
Number of designers
Last update2015-10-09 08:51:41
Logo contest
Number of proposals per contest120 + per contest
Number of designers per contest
Contest length3, 7, 10 or 14 days
Min. prize amount150 USD and varies from the design category
Listing Fee
Private projectYes
Other contests
Page mockupYes
Wordpress themeYes Wordpress, Joomla, Droopal, plus other popular CMS
Twitter backgroundsYes
Banner adsYes
Buttons & Icons designYes
Mobile DesignYes
SloganYes Custom Graphics done efficiently, affordably with top quality results
Free definitionYes 100% Money back Guarantee. Plus sponsored contests
Clothing DesignYes T-shirt
Multi LocalEnglish
Quality ControlYes Moderators only allow unique designs, no clipart elements
Hire the designer directlyCan hire the individual designers for additional work. Re-hire contest winning designer.
Designers ScreeningEvery designer needs to go through designer test before participating in contests.
Design Copyright TransferContest Holder owns full copyrights of the winning design
Customer serviceYes 1888-906-1888 - Live chat, Knowledgebase
Video tour
Your reviews
Designers opinion5.0 3 ratings
Customers opinion5.0 2 ratings
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