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2016-12-01 10:29:56

This software comparison table lists all interesting project management software and web applications used by companies to manage their projects and teams.

This matrix currently compares a lot of online project management tools, including famous ones (Basecamp, Zoho Project...) and innovative ones.

You may also be interested by the Tasks management & To-Do List tools comparison chart:

activeCollabAsanaBasecampGenius ProjectPlanzoneTeamLabTrelloWrike
Hosted solutionsNoYesYesYesYesYes Teamlab Office is available for deployment on a corporate server. Teamlab Office version 7.5 is also available as open source at Sourceforge.YesYes
Available as standalone softwareYes Self-hosted web application (not SaaS)NoNoYesNoYes noNo-
Free planYes For teams up to 15 users, unlimited in time.Yes 1 project, 2 Writeboards, 10 MB file storageYes 14 days TrialYesYes 5 users, unlimited collaborators
Hosting starting price (per year)249 USD588 USD420 EUR10 EUR /user/month0 EUR588 USD per year (free version available)
LDAP support- Support available by overriding authentication using provided features for extending/overriding default auth systemYesNoNoNo
Contacts Address BookNoYesNoYesYes Can use folders to store contact info in rich text format
Shared CalendarYesNoYesYes Google Calendar and iCalendarYesYes
Schedule meetingsNoNoYesYesYes
Export dataYes HTMLYes HTML, XMLYes reports in pdf, any views to excelYes Reports in PDF and ExcelYesYes Export/import folders and tasks as Excel spreadsheets
Visual customizationYes Company logo, themes- logoYes company logoYes Company logoYesYes Can add widgets to the Dashboard, can set folder color
OpenID Authentication- Possible by writing custom authorization providerYesNoYes GoogleYes Sign in with Google account
SSL SecurityYes Since it's self-hosted web application, administrators can add SSL on their ownYesYesYes GlobalsignYesYes
Email notificationsYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes Full email integration: create tasks from emails:
Mobile version- Web interface optimized for mobile devicesYesYes- only view with iphone- Web version adapate to mobile and tabletYesYes iOS, Android
Custom fieldsAvailable in Enterprise subscription
Project management
Time tracking / TimesheetsYesNoYesYesYesNoYes
Automatic Tracking timerYesNoNoYesNoYes
Project MilestonesYesNoYesYesYesYes
Tasks managementYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Gantt chartNoNo- With external pluginsYesYesYesNoYes Interactive, sleek, instantly created from task list
Resource managementNo- Rudimentary in Basecamp. The new basecamp does not support time tracking which really kills resource management. However, roadmap, which bi-directionally links with Basecamp, does an excellent job of this.YesYesNoYes Workload view, custom fields for tasks
Workflow systemNoYes Using SectionsNoYesYesNoYesYes
Report generationYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYes Workload per user
Portfolio managementNoYes possible with excellent tools like roadmapYesNoYes
Issue trackingNoYesNoYesNoNoNoYes Ability to create custom tags
Link contacts with tasks/projectsYesYesYesYes Cross-task dependencies
Document Management
Document editingNoYes via Google DocsNoYesYesYesNoYes
Online browser editingNoYes via Google DocsNoYesNoYesYes Native, plus integration with Google Docs and with Box, both of which have browser editing
Document sharing and storageYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYes Can upload files and can also use Google Docs
Project integrationYesYesYesYesYesYes
Access rights managementYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes Folders can be shared individually among users. External collaborators can be added.
Document VersioningYesNoYesYesYesYes
Import from external resources (GoogleDocs, etc)NoYesNoYesYes GoogleDocsYesYes Google Docs integration; Excel; MS Project
Description/Tags for documentsYesNoYesYesYesYes
Custom RolesNoYes
Micro- blogging Status Updates- Has its own status updates, no built-in integration with 3rd party servicesYes- can receive notification for chosen documents updatesNoYes + activity stream
Live chatYesNoYesNoNoYesYes
Phone conferencingNoNoNoNoYes
Integration with third parties services
Google Apps integrationNoYesNoYes Google Docs and Google CalendarYes Gmail contextual gadget to create tasks from email
Microsoft Office Integration- Import from MS Project is possibleYesNoYes Also integrates with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive. Possible to edit MS Office files online without downloading
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  • Compare Project management tools: Activ collab vs Assembla vs Basecamp vs Collabtive vs Genius Project vs Huddle vs Redmine vs TeamLab vs Wedoist vs Zoho Project
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  • rated Trello: Ergonomy 5
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  • voted for Planzone (Like)
    Posted 2016-09-14 15:47:38 by Clarita92
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    cent pour cent
    Français Posted 2016-07-19 22:17:20 by chouchou
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  • Posted 2016-04-05 16:01:04 by Guilhem
  • Posted 2016-04-05 16:01:00 by Guilhem
  • voted for Wrike (Collaboratif)
    Posted 2015-12-12 00:48:24 by PMT Comparison
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    The link to directs to now
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    Posted 2015-10-26 16:08:59 by sarfaraz husain
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    Posted 2015-10-20 13:48:11 by Slava
  • voted for Basecamp (Like)
    I like the fact that the pricing model is not based on "per user" , but rather "# of projects". Also, I use their templates feature.
    Posted 2015-08-31 19:56:27 by Peter Huboi
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    Posted 2015-08-13 17:16:15 by Marwane Srhir
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  • rated Wrike: Rating 4
    Posted 2015-07-20 21:19:10 by AMarino
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  • rated Asana: Rating 3
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  • Posted 2015-07-16 20:08:16 by AMarino
  • Posted 2015-07-16 19:39:44 by AMarino
  • rated Basecamp: Rating 2
    Many features missing, many features need external plugins which would be hard to keep track of/etc.
    Posted 2015-07-16 18:16:34 by AMarino
  • No custom task status, tasks can't be moved between projects or task lists.
    Posted 2015-07-16 18:06:19 by AMarino
  • Gives a pretty complete overview, but nothing that shows 'at a glance' how the project is doing in terms of any timeline/etc.
    Posted 2015-07-16 17:59:42 by AMarino
  • Can make templates from an existing project, or from scratch
    Posted 2015-07-16 17:47:46 by AMarino
  • This is a very nice and informative post for me and the persons who needs to know about the Online Project Management Tools. This is very good comparison between the project management tools and it makes easy to select the project management tool.Thanks to share this nice post with us.
    Posted 2015-07-09 11:34:16 by Suraj Singh
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    Posted 2015-07-06 13:24:26 by flexjoly
  • Awesome comparision. Thank you for this wholesome list. Do you have a chart for the ones which do take care of project management partially but also have time tracking, expense and document management?
    Posted 2015-05-22 16:56:06 by Kevin Peter
  • voted for this Comparison (Like)
    Posted 2015-05-16 07:53:12 by Kelly
  • Have used about half of these. My tool of choice these days is PlanFirst ( By far the best team support tool I've tried. And it is really cheap.
    Posted 2015-05-04 12:47:42 by David John
  • voted for Trello (Like)
    Easy, intuitive interface makes it good for me - and for clients when shared
    Posted 2015-04-11 14:58:20 by Susan Kistler
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    Posted 2015-02-02 20:28:48 by Irina Matveeva
  • voted for Wrike (Like)
    Wrike is a great tool
    Posted 2015-02-02 11:51:06 by Matt
  • voted for Wrike (Like)
    I like wrike
    Posted 2015-02-02 01:39:37 by Mo
  • voted for Wrike (Like)
    Posted 2015-01-31 10:14:31 by EdSG
  • voted for Wrike (Like)
    I like it!
    Posted 2015-01-30 20:11:04 by forza123
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