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2021-09-28 22:09:45
Logo creation contest websites comparison
Number of designers938643
Logo contest
Number of proposals per contest121
Number of designers per contest
Contest length7 days
Min. prize amount295 USD (include 100% money-back guarantee)
Listing Fee- included in the contest cost
Private projectYes
Other contests
Page mockupYes Get a unique web page design in under a week, from just $595
Wordpress themeYes Get a WordPress blog or website designed in 7 days, from $595
Twitter backgroundsYes Twitter background design from $95 with a 100% money back guarantee!
Banner adsYes Custom-made, stand out banner ads designed in 7 days, from only $145
Buttons & Icons designYes
Mobile DesignYes
Free definitionNo other categories available but not totally free
Clothing DesignYes T-shirt
Multi LocalEnglish only
Quality Control
Hire the designer directly
Designers Screening
Design Copyright TransferAfter the winning design has been uploaded via the Design Handover process and the copyright is agreed to by both parties, the copyright agreement is able to be printed and the copyright is deemed to be transferred to the contest holder.
Customer serviceNo
Video tour
Your reviews
Designers opinion0 no rating
Customers opinion4.5 2 ratings
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  • rated this Item: Customers opinion 5
    I had a great experience with 99Designs. Very happy with the results. The more feedback you give the designers, the better results you will get
    Posted 2013-06-07 14:48:05 by TMil
  • rated this Item: Customers opinion 4
    Liked this, pricing is higher than other places though, and seems to have niche in higher priced projects.
    Posted 2010-12-02 18:04:11 by dbriere

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