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SocialCompare is a free and easy-to-use comparison table maker.
It offers you the best way to create a collaboration table online.
Compare anything with your own comparison criteria that best suits your needs.
No experience or skill is necessary.

Create your comparison table in no time

How to create your comparison table in 4 steps

Create a comparison: 1 choose the name
Create a comparison: 2 fill the table
Create a comparison: 3 publish the table
Create a comparison: 4 share the table

How to add a comparison table on Wordpress or any website in 2 steps

Include a comparison: 1 choose the design
Include a comparison: 2 include HTML code

What is SocialCompare ?

SocialCompare is the only free crowdsourced collaborative comparison engine to create, embed and share easily collaborative and interactive comparison tables online.

How to create a side-by-side comparison table ?

First register for free to become a SocialCompare member. Then, your just need to create a comparison table, by clicking on the "Create" button on top of the website, next to the search bar. You could start to add two items to compare such as software, products, services, companies or anything else...

How to create a price comparison table ?

You can use the “Price” criteria type to customize the price attributes in your comparison table, which activates the price sorting functionality on the table to compare each product or service by ascending price sort or descending price sort.

How to create a multilingual comparison table ?

First you select one language and start create your comparison table in this language, you save your finished table, then you select another language and start to translate all the data (title, description, criteria, items, content...) directly into your comparison page. While saving your table in the right language, it will create the translation of the entire comparison table. Now your table becomes a multilingual comparison table, ready for international readers !

How to activate the possibility of visual size comparison directly into the table?

You should add and use dimensions criteria called : Height, Length and Width. You will get nice size comparisons views! It is also possible to use our independent size comparison tool.

What should a comparison table include?

Your comparison table should include comparison criteria and items to compare that you and your readers will actually care about.

Is it possible to embed the comparison table on my blog post or website ?

Yes, you can click on "embed" button under the comparison table, and copy/paste the adequate html code to integrate the table into your blog or website. You will be able to choose from several styles to best suit the style of your website.

Is it possible to share the comparison ?

Click on the small icons under the table to share the comparison on facebook, Twitter, Linkein or by email.

How to display an image into the comparison table ?

You need to choose the “Image" criteria type. Upload only royalty free image on our servers, please read carefully our Terms of Use conditions. During an image criteria edition, click on the button "Choose a File".
The image will be resized with the possibility to view the original size if it's bigger (by clicking on it).
The supported image formats displayed in our custom comparison table are .jpeg, .png, .svg, .gif, .webp

How to include video into the comparison table ?

For the videos you must use a video sharing website like YouTube or Dailymotion. By using a "Video" criteria, the URL will be automatically transformed as a preview image with the possibility to play the video (by clicking on it).

What are the available comparison criteria types ?

To have nice and homogenous tables, criteria have an associated type. It allows to restrict the allowed values you can set. Text, units, links...
the full list of available criteria types

How do you write the comparison content?

Provide interesting and various comparison criteria such as objective attributes based on vendors features, functionalities, prices, checked facts.. and subjective attributes such as ratings, images, video... Get characteristics data directly from vendors sources and feed the table data with verified and reliable sources.

Should I use objective or subjective criteria ?

Both objective or subjective criteria are interesting attributes to use inside your comparison table. Indeed they have not the same purpose : objective criteria allow you to list detailed features, functionnalities, characteristics according to original source such as vendors’ data, without giving any opinion, it is more interesting to be neutral at this point. Contrarly, subjective criteria such as ratings, votes, comments allow you to share your personal opinion, leave your user review to help others to make better decisions.

Why the product comparison tool is important from the vendor's perspective?

Customers conduct extensive research and compare products to be sure they are making the right choice for their next purchase. Help your customers easily identify key differences between your products and competitors’ products, showing the advantages of the key features and functionalities of your product. You have to design the comparison table to help them quickly decide which product is best for them.

Is it a responsive comparison table ?

Yes the comparison table you build on SocialCompare is a responsive comparison table that adapt to any kind of platform (mobile and destkop). Nowadays there is higher traffic from mobile, so it is really important to display a responsive table on your website.

How can I change my profile image / Avatar ?

SocialCompare use Gravatar service. You need to create an account with the same email to customize your profile image.

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