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2022-05-03 15:51:01
Logo creation contest websites comparison
Number of designers36.597
Logo contest
Number of proposals per contest110
Number of designers per contest
Contest length7 - 14 days
Min. prize amount100 USD - With money back guarantee
Listing Fee- Included in the pricemoney
Private projectYes
Other contests
Page mockupYes
Wordpress themeYes Get a web or Wordpress design within days.
Twitter backgroundsYes
Banner adsYes
Buttons & Icons designYes
Mobile DesignYes
SloganYes Start a name finding contest! Starting at $50,-
Free definitionYes
Clothing DesignYes
Multi LocalEnglish, Dutch and German
Quality ControlYes Designers will report violations and a active group of moderators will scan the designs.
Hire the designer directlyyes, this can be done in a private project.
Designers ScreeningWe provide a ranking system for designers, a designer gets more experience if they win a contest or get ranked positive.
Design Copyright TransferEach designer will agree to transfer any copyrights possible.
Customer serviceYes By phone or mail in English, Dutch or German.
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