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iPhone XSiPhone XRiPhone XiPhone 8iPhone 5 SEiPhone 7iPhone 6siPhone 6iPhone 5SiPhone 5CiPhone 5iPhone 4SiPhone 4iPhone 3GS
Height143.6 mm150.9 mm143.6 mm138.4 mm123.8 mm138.3 mm138.3 mm138.1 mm123.8 mm124.4 mm123.8 mm115.2 mm115.5 mm115.5 mm
Width70.9 mm75.7 mm70.9 mm67.3 mm58.6 mm67.1 mm67.1 mm67 mm58.6 mm59.2 mm58.6 mm58.6 mm62.1 mm62.1 mm
Depth7.7 mm8.3 mm7.7 mm7.3 mm7.6 mm7.1 mm7.1 mm6.9 mm7.6 mm8.97 mm7.6 mm9.3 mm9.3 mm12.3 mm
Weight177 g194 g174 g148 g113 g138 g143 g129 g112 g132 g112 g140 g138 g135 g
Release date2018-09-282018-10-262017-10-272017-09-152016-03-212016-09-162015-09-122014-09-092013-09-102013-09-102012-09-212011-10-142010-06-242009-06-19
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