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2015-06-10 13:46:45
Compare Highest Lego Tower construction (world records)
São Paulo31.19 m5000002011-04-10Brazil
Nasu Highland Park29.7 m4300002009-04-03Japan
Vienna29.485 m5000002008-10-05Austria
Legoland Windsor29.26 m5000002008-05-05Great Britain
Toronto29.03 m2007-08-22Canada
Legoland California28.74 m4650002007-05-28USA
Sønderborg Ringrider-festen28.48 m2006-07-10Denmark
Albergen27.44 m2004 MayNetherlands
Legoland Billund27.22 m5000002003 JuneDenmark
Oostende26.7 m2002 Aug.Belgium
Yekaterinburg26.19 m2002 JuneRussia
Rostov25.71 m2002 MayRussia
Tallin24.91 m3914781998-08-21Estonia
Moscow24.66 m3879031998-07-19Russia
Hohenwestedt23.95 m3677001997-08-16Germany
Nice23.66 m3000001997France
Seoul23.141 m1996South Korea
Tåstrup22.67 m1995-07-27Denmark
Madrid22.41 m1994-10-10Spain
La Belle Etoile22.13 m1994-09-04Luxemburg
Hong Kong21.91 m1994-04-04Hong Kong
Göteborg21.63 m1993 Aug.Sweden
Brussels21.36 m1993-06-27Belgium
Budapest21.14 m1993 MayHungary
Dübendorf (Zürich)20.61 m5000001992-08-08Switzerland
Auckland19.9 m248.7561992-02-23New Zealand
Cascais19.7 m2500001992 Feb.Portugal
San Francisco19 m1990USA
Vienna18.7 m1830001990 Oct.Austria
Tel Aviv18.15 m2215601990 MayIsraël
Munich16.97 m1800001989-08-20Germany
London15.01 m1985-10-30Great Britain
Milton Keynes13.1 m1000001980-08-25Great Britain
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