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WebsiteNotesIntégrateurFree planTotal free storageStarting priceCost 1Cost 2Cost 3Reward per referralFeaturesUnlimited file size uploadsFile versioningFull-featured desktop appSync in place (autosync)Smart Filters (exclusions)Full-text searchUnlimited DirectSync (devices)Private sharingPublic sharing (read-only access)Delta SyncFile LockingFile status icon overlaysConflict ManagementFiles stored locally alsoLAN SyncOutlook/Mail integration (link)Security / EncryptionLegislation or Applicable law / Server locationAccess ControlsEncryptionuser-held encryption keyEnd to End EncryptionEncryption (Transport)PlatformsWindowsMac OSLinuxMobileiOS mobile app (+upload?)Android mobile appMicrosoftYour reviewsLikeOverall rating
Accellion 2 GB (12 GB temporary ?)2 GB (12 GB temporary ?)15 USD /user /month- pro plans onlyYesYes 0 0 no rating
Varonis DatAnywhere File System Synchronization (Private Cloud)Yes Up to 5 users(unlimited data)UnlimitedYesYes with deduplicationYesYesYesYes Only Users, Groups, ContactsYesYes read, write, view, read only, write only, view only. Sub foldersYes Same as private but without authenticationYes Upload and DownloadYesYesYesYes Yes, with option to "stub files"NoYesSync Services located near customer storage(in LAN), while Client's end-point(Edge) services located anywhere(Cloud/DMZ/LAN)Yes Uses existing NTFS permissions + Active Directory Users/Groups + NTLM,Kerberos- Uses existing storage and dataYes Support OpenTrustYes TLSYes TLSYesYes- Only as SMB storageYesYesNo 0 0 no rating
  • 2016-11-05 14:13:45
    2016-11-05 14:13:45
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