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2016-06-22 15:52:03 Crowdsourcing compare - Cloud File Sharing solutions comparison: HyperDrive vs Sharefile vs Huddle vs Dropbox vs YouSendIt vs SkyDrive vs Google Drive vs Sugarsync vs Cubby vs Box vs SoonR vs SendSpace vs powerfolder vs ZumoDrive vs Syncplicity vs iCloud... Amazon Workdoc, (ex Zocalo)
BoxDropboxGoogle DriveSharefileOneDrive
Free planYesYes 2GBYes 15 GBYes
Total free storage5GBup to 18GB5GB07GB
Starting price180 USD /user /year /TB0 EUR
Cost 115$/m 1 user 1TB10$/m 1 user 100GB2.5$/m 1 user 25GB30$/m 2 user 5GB
Cost 2Pro 83$/m 5 user 200GB/userPro 60$/m 10 user 10GB
Cost 3? no limit, 5GB/fileTeam 223$/m 20 user 4TB100$/m 2TBCorp 100$/m 20+user 20GB
Reward per referral500 MB for free users, 1GB for paying users
Unlimited file size uploadsNoYesNo- 10GBNo
File versioning- Paid versionYes
Full-featured desktop appYes Needs .Net 3.5NoNoYes (Pro)No
Sync in place (autosync)NoNoNoYesNo
Smart Filters (exclusions)- Coming in box v4. (next rel)Yes flakey, seems to keep changing selection
Full-text searchYes Paid
Unlimited DirectSync (devices)NoNoNoNo
Private sharingYesYesYesYesYes
Public sharing (read-only access)YesYesYesYesYes
Delta SyncNo
File LockingYes
File status icon overlaysYesYes
Conflict ManagementYes
Files stored locally alsoYesYesYesYes StorageZone
LAN SyncYes
Outlook/Mail integration (link)Yes
Security / Encryption
Legislation or Applicable law / Server locationUSAUSA
Access ControlsYes Paid.YesYes
Encryption- AES-256 Pro version only. Personal(Free) version unencrypted!Yes AES-256NoYes AES-256No
user-held encryption keyNoNoNo-No
End to End Encryption
Encryption (Transport)YesYes AES-256
Mac OSYesYesYesYesYes
iOS mobile app (+upload?)YesYesYes
Android mobile appYesYesYes
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    2016-06-22 15:52:03
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  • Compare HyperDrive vs Sharefile vs Dropbox vs YouSendIt vs SkyDrive vs Google Drive vs Sugarsync vs Cubby vs Huddle vs Box vs SoonR vs SendSpace vs powerfolder vs ZumoDrive vs Syncplicity vs iCloud
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  • Un cloud social avec 500 Go de stockage gratuit !
    Français Posted 2016-06-17 15:11:30 by Stephane Herry
  • Bonjour, Il manque au moins une ligne au tableau : Respect des Dates/Heures des fichiers sur le cloud
    Français Posted 2015-12-28 10:17:12 by Stéphane Le Marec
  • Connaissez vous MyBo CloudBoxOffice ? C'est une plateforme de stockage proposée par une société française. La particularité de MyBO est de proposer 2 services >> 1/ 10GO de stockage +2/ un bureau virtuel Lubuntu (distribution Linux avec panoplie complète d'applications). Le service est simple d'usage et les équipes réactives. Selon, c'est à découvrir Claude Donin
    Français Posted 2015-12-17 17:14:01 by Claude Donin
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    Posted 2015-05-22 10:55:04 by Delmano
  • Posted 2015-05-20 18:30:25 by Mukesh Dak
  • voted for this Comparison (Like)
    Posted 2015-05-20 12:13:17 by Mathilde Fra
  • voted for this Comparison (Like)
    Posted 2015-05-18 10:49:47 by Rickard Uddenberg
  • voted for OneDrive (Like)
    Posted 2015-05-17 15:18:13 by Rickard Uddenberg
  • voted for Google Drive (Like)
    Posted 2015-05-17 15:18:11 by Rickard Uddenberg
  • voted for Dropbox (Like)
    Posted 2015-05-17 15:18:09 by Rickard Uddenberg
  • Please change "cost 1", "cost 2" and "cost 3" to "Cost +100GB", "Cost +500GB", "Cost +1TB", "Cost 10TB" to better match what you need to pay for geting the data volume. For eg drobpox will get the same price on level 1,2 and 3 and a no on forth, and you will quickly se the price difference. to get your volume. With the social work we could even use more levels, like 50GB to but in my opinion this 4 are the most important.
    Posted 2015-05-17 15:16:14 by Rickard Uddenberg
  • Posted 2015-03-23 01:50:59 by Haley
  • Posted 2015-03-23 01:47:17 by Haley
  • voted for this Comparison (Like)
    Posted 2014-11-05 19:27:20 by lemacareux
  • voted for this Comparison (Like)
    Nice quick and easy to use.
    Posted 2014-06-20 08:00:25 by Paul Maguire
  • voted for this Comparison (Like)
    Posted 2014-06-19 07:21:59 by Jan Beckman
  • suggested on OneDrive to set Name to OneDrive
    Name changed by Microsoft
    Posted 2014-05-13 17:47:15 by CuriousG
  • voted for this Comparison (Like)
    Posted 2014-04-19 13:50:32 by retrovertigo
  • Somehow you missed DriveHQ is the first cloud IT solution provider with over 2 million registered users. For business service, you will find DriveHQ service a lot better and cheaper at only $6/user/year. You can find more detailed comparisons and reviews at:
    Posted 2013-12-24 09:43:45 by EmilyKulish
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    Posted 2013-12-18 18:39:31 by ajt
  • voted for this Comparison (Like)
    Posted 2013-12-13 21:21:23 by acducq
  • Il semblerait que pour réduire la vue à qq objet, le 15 octo dernier, verspax nous a fait sauter 28 items de ce tableau !! Merci d'enregistrer une nouvelle vue perso, si vous voulez réduire ce tableau pour votre usage (ce que je peux comprendre :) Amicalement.
    Posted 2013-10-24 11:44:51 by Pascal Kotté
  • suggested to set Name to Services de stockage et de partage de fichiers (cloud)
    Français Posted 2013-10-15 11:34:06 by verspax
  • voted for Sharefile (Like)
    Posted 2013-09-20 20:40:51 by Kevin
  • Great service for sharing files easily and professionally
    Posted 2013-09-20 20:40:47 by Kevin
  • Great Service!
    Posted 2013-09-20 20:40:25 by Kevin
  • voted for this Comparison (Like)
    Posted 2013-07-01 22:22:55 by Alexis
  • lost a star for no delta sync.
    Posted 2013-07-01 14:33:43 by Yakumo
  • voted for Box (Like)
    enterprise options are good, needs selective sync badly. hopefully speed increase or paid version is real.
    Posted 2013-07-01 14:33:37 by Yakumo
  • what about Dropbox?
    Posted 2013-04-26 00:50:47 by Kikita
  • voted for this Comparison (Like)
    Posted 2013-03-14 01:40:47 by georgepr
  • Posted 2013-03-13 11:31:59 by eri
  • Posted 2013-03-13 11:05:26 by eri
  • voted for this Comparison (Like)
    Wahoo, plein d'autres se sont rajoutés, merci pour les compléments, et merci à SocialCompare...
    Français Posted 2013-02-01 00:08:40 by Pascal Kotté
  • voted for Dropbox (Like)
    Posted 2012-05-17 15:55:21 by superluminary

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