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Cloud File Sharing solutions comparative

13 Crowdsourcing compare - Cloud File Sharing solutions comparison: HyperDrive vs Sharefile vs Huddle vs Dropbox vs YouSendIt vs SkyDrive vs Google Drive vs Sugarsync vs Cubby vs Box vs SoonR vs SendSpace vs powerfolder vs ZumoDrive vs Syncplicity vs iCloud... Amazon Workdoc, (ex Zocalo) vs Varonis DatAnywhere
AccellionBajooBoxCrashPlanCXDropboxEgnyteGoogle DriveHightailhornetdriveHubicHyperDriveiCloudiWayLiveBox ClubMoovapps DriveNikec DocstoreOneDriveOodrivePowerFolderSendNowSendSpaceSharefileSoonRSpiderOakSugarSyncSyncplicityTeamDriveTitanFileTresoritVaronis DatAnywherevaultizevBoxxCloudXAMBOX
Notasavec cryptage meme en version free?For Enterprise connect to mostly web interface, unfriendly. permissions error (win8?) can't put files into sync folder.Société : OVH SASZurich CH hosting, seems using OwnCloud free platformLiveBox Club is a private file sharing software able to manage your data in an easy and secure way thanks to the encryption.Solution edited by Visiativ a french software companyFor professional environments Cloud or On Premises, Advanced control and monitoring features Connectors, and modules availableex Microsoft SkyDrivePersonal Branding must extend with Workspace to "share files"Very impressive package overall, 128bit disappointing.+
Very nice client
mounts 2 drives??
TLS has insecure handshake & they only use AES-128? lazy or ....??
win client requires .net 3.5Hungary - European Union SupportEnterprise File System Synchronization (Private Cloud)Secure Cloud File Sharing for Business. Hosting in the Netherlands or on-premises, free guest sharing, organization dashboard, brandable. GDPR Ready!Service en ligne de gestion documentaire (GED) pour tous,
Free plan 2 GB (12 GB temporary ?) 10 GB (250MB/file) 2GB 15 GB- 30 days trial 25 Gb- ?No 30 days free trial Up to 1 Go.- 15 days free trial 5 GB- 2GB 5 GB- 30 days trial 5 GB Up to 5 users(unlimited data) 14 Days Free Trial 2000 docs 10MB max
Total free storage2 GB (12 GB temporary ?)5GB (20GB)up to 18GB5GB2GB25GB010 Go (expandable)1GB per user7GB2GB2GB300MB+Ads030 days / 25GB2GBup to 32GBUnlimitedNo limitUnlimited250 MB (Expandable)unlimited/10MB per doc
Starting price$ 15 /user /month€ 7 /m 100 GB$ 4 /u/m 100 GB (2GB file)€ 0 2 /m 100 GB€ 12 100GB 60 /an 1 user 25GB€ 12 /user/month€ 3 /user/month with 1GB space (Nikec Docstore Business) 2 /m 50 GB$ 10 /m or $100 /y 100GB$ 14.95 /user/month€ 5.99 / Month - 20 Gb€ 10 EUR /user/month 50GB, unlimited free guest accounts€ 4.9 /m 1 usr 500p/m max 10MB/doc max
Cost 115€ /m 200GB, 1user, ttc8 USD /m 100GB (5GB file)10$/m 1 user 100GB25$/m 5 users 150GB2.5$/m 1 user 25GBPro 8.3$/m 1 user 5GB +10 guestsBusiness: 2€ /month 1 user 10GB100GB 12€/an5$/m 1 user300 CHF /an 10 users 50GB7.20 € /user/month (from 100 users)3 EUR /user/month with 1GB space (Nikec Docstore Business)Pro 7.5$/m 5dev 50GB (C?)2CHF/m 20GB sendnowPro 7$/m 1 user 100GB30$/m 2 user 5GB10$/m 3 user 25 GBup to $500 /m or $5000 /y for 5TB5$/m 30 GB 1 user14.99 € / Month - 100 GB8€ per User17.95€ /m 3 user, 50MB/doc
Cost 230€ /m ttc, 500GB 1user12$ /u/m no limit (5GB file)Pro 83$/m 5 user 200GB/user70$/m 10user 1TB(total)Pro+ 12,5$/m 1 user no limitEnterprise: 9€ /month 1 user 100GB10Tb 120€/anon premise, no GB limit720 CHF /an 20 users 100GB custom logo4,30 EUR /user/month with 1GB space (Nikec Docstore Business Connect) (added integration features & API)Business 67$/m 25dev (P)must extend with WorkspacePro+ 16$/m 1 user 300GBPro 60$/m 10 user 10GBPro 30$/m, 5 user 100GB$10/user/m 100GB
business plan
25$/m 250 GB2€ per 50 GB
Cost 360€ /m ttc, 1TB, 7usersTeam 223$/m 20 user 4TB130$/m 15user 2TB100$/m 2TBWorkstream 25$/m 1 userup to 5TB possibleEnterprise 583$/m 100devCorp 100$/m 20+user 20GB$5/user/m Unlimited
business plan; 10+ users
Up to 50% discount for larger user numbers
Reward per referral500 MB for free users, 1GB for paying users500 MB /open free, 10GB /open 30GB account
Unlimited file size uploadsNo YesNoNo 2 GB- 10GB(Pro+)- 10GB Enterprise onlyNo 2GB or 0,5GB for free offer
File versioningNo standard option Incremental renaming Pay option with deduplication
Full-featured desktop appNo Desktop Sync (local cloud server, listen on 8806), Map Drive (virtual folders), Enterprise Storage Sync (collaborative)No Clients available for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS and Android standard version - full sync or unidirectional sync YesNo (Pro) Macos / Windows
Sync in place (autosync)NoNo no need to move your files. Yes (with desktop app or when connected to third party application (e.g. DMS))No
Smart Filters (exclusions) flakey, seems to keep changing selection under: preferences > backup Sync/Exclude/Backup Only
Full-text search Only Users, Groups, Contacts
Unlimited DirectSync (devices)NoNoNoNo
Private sharing Data room for collaborative work (business) read, write, view, read only, write only, view only. Sub folders
Public sharing (read-only access) only with Enterprise public link with validity control - access notification (business) Same as private but without authentication
Delta Sync For files >1mbNo-No optional setting (per file?)--No And they seem to be against adding it!No Planned for later release Upload and Download 'smart de-duplication'
File Locking
File status icon overlays
Conflict Management also smart lock for ms office on win (soon for mac also)
Files stored locally also Yes (With desktop app) StorageZone Yes, with option to "stub files"
LAN SyncNo
Outlook/Mail integration (link) +130$/m Outlook module for sending large files
Security / Encryption
Legislation or Applicable law / Server locationUSAFranceUSA, Australia, Europe and AsiaUSAUSAUSA / WorldwideServices are operated from Germany in accordance to German Data Protection LawFrance (OVH)France / Switzerland or on Premises (private cloud)United KingdomUSAEurope, USA, AsiaUSAUSAUSAUSAUSAGerman / USA, Ireland, Hong-KongCanadaSwiss / HungarySync Services located near customer storage(in LAN), while Client's end-point(Edge) services located anywhere(Cloud/DMZ/LAN)Netherlands or on-premises (Private Cloud)
Access Controls Paid. Login for users, granular permission when sharing Uses existing NTFS permissions + Active Directory Users/Groups + NTLM,Kerberos
Encryption- pro plans only AES-256-No AES-256- AES 128 (Basic) upgradable to military levelNo AES-256- Not disclosed 'SAS 70 compliant' 2048 bit RSA & AES-256 AES-128 AES-256 AES-256 4096 RSA Key + AES-256- Uses existing storage and data AES-256
user-held encryption keyNo ?No-No-No Enterprise Add-on Support OpenTrust
End to End Encryption TLS
Encryption (Transport) AES-256 Desktop - 168-bit SSL. Web - 256bit SSL TLS SSL SSL, Secure WebSockets TLS
Windows Plantage sous windows 7No
macOS- à venirNo
Linux- à venirNoNo- FTP supportNoNoNoNo- Only as SMB storage File Server
iOS mobile app (+upload?) ne fonctionne pas sous Ios7- Read upload / download
Android App +write
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Compare HyperDrive vs Sharefile vs Dropbox vs YouSendIt vs SkyDrive vs Google Drive vs Sugarsync vs Cubby vs Huddle vs Box vs SoonR vs SendSpace vs powerfolder vs ZumoDrive vs Syncplicity vs iCloud
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User reviews and comments

  • Mike on 2018-06-20 07:43:59

    Works well for our mid-sized firm.

  • CMaurice on 2016-12-05 17:46:46

    J'ai fais une recherche sur 3 de ces clouds et sur Mega qui n'est pas cité. J'ai installé hubiC et Mega et abandonné Onedrive et Google Drive.

  • sonia on 2016-11-16 07:57:48
  • sonia on 2016-11-16 07:22:48
  • sonia on 2016-11-16 07:11:19
  • sonia on 2016-11-16 07:10:58
  • Elliechau on 2016-10-31 11:42:40

    Missing online collaboration (i am told it's coming before the end of the year) other than that, pretty good.

  • ChrisDuplass on 2016-10-18 11:20:23
  • John S. on 2016-10-17 10:57:05
  • Pascal KOTTE on 2016-10-12 15:50:45

    rebelote, pour réduite la vue Fanzi ou un autre nous a fait sauter tous les 'Items' pour n'en laisser que 2 !!! J'ai du les remettre à la main, pénible :-(

  • Stephane Herry on 2016-06-17 15:11:30 Un cloud social avec 500 Go de stockage gratuit !

  • John H. S. on 2016-06-07 15:33:24
  • Stéphane Le Marec on 2015-12-28 10:17:12

    Bonjour, Il manque au moins une ligne au tableau : Respect des Dates/Heures des fichiers sur le cloud

  • Stéphane Le Marec on 2015-12-28 10:07:55

    Un des meilleurs pour du backup

  • Claude Donin on 2015-12-17 17:14:01

    Connaissez vous MyBo CloudBoxOffice ? C'est une plateforme de stockage proposée par une société française. La particularité de MyBO est de proposer 2 services >> 1/ 10GO de stockage +2/ un bureau virtuel Lubuntu (distribution Linux avec panoplie complète d'applications). Le service est simple d'usage et les équipes réactives. Selon, c'est à découvrir Claude Donin

  • on 2015-09-11 11:25:07
    commented on Tresorit

    1. Le système de synchronisation y est excellent et la flexibilité pour changer le nom des dossiers et/ou de retracer les données est vraiment très simple d'usage. 2. Par contre j'ai noté différents points qui laissent à désirer. — le manque de transversalité sur le site même. Une fois sur la page "account", impossible d'aller à une page d'accueil générale. — l'impossibilité de changer de compte tresorit à partir l'application TRESORIT: pas de changement d'utilisateur possible sur un même ordi. — l'obscurité de la gestion de son propre compte: aucune page claire qui donne par exemple la possibilité de radier son compte — cela ressemble aux méthode stalinienne de Facebook, d'il y a quelques années!!! — le panel d'offre n'est pas clairement mis à disposition des utilisateurs: l'offre BASIC n'apparaît que si vous renoncer à l'offre dite PREMIUM. — les procédures qu'ils proposent ( pour effacer un compte par exemple) ne fonctionnent pas! — et enfin, leur service après vente est très mauvais: je leur ai fait part de tous ces détails voici 10 jours avec un rappel , il y a 7 jours et un dernier il y a 2 jours: silence radio de leur part.

  • Mukesh Dak on 2015-05-20 18:30:25
    rated Google Drive: Rating 5/5
  • Rickard Uddenberg on 2015-05-18 08:45:14
    suggested on iCloud to set End to End Encryption to no
  • Rickard Uddenberg on 2015-05-18 08:45:08
    suggested on iCloud to set user-held encryption key to no
  • Rickard Uddenberg on 2015-05-17 20:28:48
    suggested on iCloud to set End to End Encryption to no
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