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2016-08-30 11:18:59

This comparison chart compares free instant messengers / communication software with the possibility to do text livechat, and sometimes phone, mobile or video calls (also called "video chat") that could be free or paid. These solutions enable to communicate with friends (with text, phone call, video, in group or not) and keep contact with them even internationally. In general it costs much less than regular phone calls.

This matrix currently compares Bistri vs Bria vs Facebook vs Forfone vs Fring vs Movicha vs Nimbuzz vs ooVoo PingMe vs Scydo vs Sidecar vs Skype vs TalkboxApp vs Tango vs Viber vs VoipBuster vs WhatsApp

It is a collaborative comparison table, so you can add more comparison criteria or instant messenger / calling solutions.

Worldwide User1.1 Bil.600 million800 million
Main FunctionWeChat provides users with free mobile instant messaging, video and voice calls, group chat, and multimedia messagingto send text, stickers and emoticons, photos, voice and video messages for free to other Viber send a message to your contacts in without any charges alternative way from contact people by using phone messaging
IM Style ChatYesYesYes
Group ChatYesYes max 15 usersYes max 100 users
Make video callsYesYesNo
Group callsYes Live ChatNoNo
SMS DeliveryYesYes
Make phone callsYes Based on subscription plansYes 0.99 USD/year
Free phone callsYesYes
Caller IDYesNo
Payment methodsNo Calling others through phone providerYes 0.99 USD/year
Phone Contact IntegrationYesYesYes
Google Contacts integration
FB Contact IntegrationNoNo
Custom Chat AreaYes Background/ Font/ SoundYes Background/ Font/ SoundYes Background/ Font/ Sound
File transfer- only some file formatsNo
Photo based contactNoYes
Sharing Features
Share photoYesYesYes
Share videoYesYes
Share voice messageYesNoYes
Without phone numberYesYesNo
Email + PasswordNoNo
Share account on multiple devicesYesNo
LinuxYes Ubuntu, FedoraNo
Mac OSYesYes
Blackberry OSYes- text onlyYes
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    2016-08-30 11:18:59
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  • Compare Skype vs Viber vs WhatsApp vs Tango vs Telegram vs Vkontacte etc.
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    decisions, decisions...
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    good performance
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    low power consumption/faible consommation d'énergie
    Français Posted 2014-12-13 22:49:30 by Francis Choquette
  • Très complet comme tableau. Point important à souligner, que la gratuité de plusieurs de ces applications exigent en revanche une perte de contrôle ainsi que de confidentialité concernant les données personnelles. Il existe une application de messagerie, CHIEMO, qui protège la divulgation et l'utilisation des données personnelles, et offre des options de confidentialité du message (par ex: auto-destruction après lecture du message).
    Français Posted 2014-12-04 04:54:21 by Nouky
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    Not all of the popular messengers in the table can do calls. All of them can send text messages (some sort of chat). All of them have mobile clients. Many of them offer advanced functionality like sharing files, photos, video and audio messages. Only some of them can do calls. In fact, two of the most popular of them (WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger) do not. A separate table should be created for software to do calls. It's a different category.
    Posted 2014-09-17 14:39:36 by zorge
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    great app with great features
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  • I wonder why LINE were excluded? its one of the best. My top 4 are 1.Viber 2.Nimbuzz 3.LINE 4.Kakaotalk ---Why? because they have PC versions. And if you have these 4 installed and VOXER, no need for any of the other many.
    Posted 2014-01-28 12:16:16 by AldwinpantinBarlan BarlanpantinAldwin
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