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DescriptionMavenlink is an online project management solution that integrates with Google Apps, PayPal, and QuickBooks.
Video tourhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyS99-ddbOYhttp://www.youtube.com/v/Ek9lDLbbfechttp://epmlive.com/videos/epmlive-overview/
TwitterYes http://twitter.com/mavenlink
FacebookYes http://www.facebook.com/mavenlink
LicenseCloud-based SaaSSaaS
Like 2 0 21 1
APIYesYes http://www.wrike.com/platform.jspYes
Gantt chartNoYes With Pro or Enterprise subscriptionYes Interactive, sleek, instantly created from task listYes
Hosting starting price (per year)468 USD588 USD unlimited users but only 3 projects.588 USD per year (free version available)
Hosted solutionsYesYesYes
Visual customizationYesYes Can add widgets to the Dashboard, can set folder colorYes
Twitter supportYesYesYes
Email notificationsYesYes Full email integration: create tasks from emails: http://www.wrike.com/help/smart-email-integration/Yes
Document VersioningNoYesYes
Phone supportYes
Livechat supportYesYesYes
Email supportYesYesYes
Free planYes Free Plan & Free 30-day Trial on All Paid PlansYes One project, unlimited usersYes 5 users, unlimited collaborators
Live chatYesYesYes
Forums & BlogsYesYes BlogYes
Time tracking / TimesheetsYesYesYes
Document editingYesYesYes
Online browser editingNoYes Native, plus integration with Google Docs and with Box, both of which have browser editingYes
Document sharing and storageYesYes Can upload files and can also use Google DocsYes
Project integrationYesYesYes
Import from external resources (GoogleDocs, etc)YesYes Google Docs integration; Excel; MS ProjectYes
Access rights managementNoYes Folders can be shared individually among users. External collaborators can be added.Yes
Description/Tags for documentsYesYesYes
Mobile VersionNoYes
Security level (https usage)YesYesYes
Export dataYesYes Export/import folders and tasks as Excel spreadsheetsYes
SSL SecurityYesYes
Google Apps integrationYesYes Gmail contextual gadget to create tasks from email
Contacts Address BookYesYes Can use folders to store contact info in rich text formatYes
Shared CalendarYes Google Calendar IntegrationYesYes
OpenID AuthenticationYesYes Sign in with Google account
Automatic Tracking timerYesYes
Project MilestonesYesYesYes
Tasks managementYesYesYes
Micro- blogging Status UpdatesNoYes + activity streamYes
Import Basecamp dataNoYes
Freshbooks integrationYes http://appcenter.intuit.com/mavenlinkYes
Video tutorialsYesYesYes
Public Feedback SystemYes https://mavenlink.zendesk.comYes Uservoice: http://vote.wrike.com
Schedule meetingsNoYesYes
Microsoft Office IntegrationNoYes Also integrates with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive. Possible to edit MS Office files online without downloadingYes
Custom fieldsCustom URLs and brandingAvailable in Enterprise subscriptionYes, able to customize all fields, views, lists and branding.
Live video broadcast (events, webinars)Yes
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  • English
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  • Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 3.0 / GNU FDL
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