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2019-12-12 13:34:04
ScreenScreen sizeScreen resolutionPixel densityRelease date
iPhone 11 Pro Max6.5 in2688x1242458 ppi2019-09-20
iPhone 11 Pro5.8 in2436x1125458 ppi2019-09-20
iPhone 116.1 in1792x828326 ppi2019-09-20
iPhone XR6.1 in1792x828326 ppi2018-10-26
iPhone XS Max6.5 in2688x1242458 ppi2018-09-28
iPhone XS5.8 in2436x1125458 ppi2018-09-28
iPhone X5.8 in2436x1125458 ppi2017-10-27
iPhone 8 Plus5.5 in1920x1080401 ppi2017-09-15
iPhone 84.7 in1334x750326 ppi2017-09-15
iPhone 7 Plus5.5 in1920x1080401 ppi2016-09-16
iPhone 74.7 in1334x750326 ppi2016-09-16
iPhone 5 SE4 in1136x640326 ppi2016-03-21
iPhone 6s Plus5.5 in1920x1080401 ppi2015-09-12
iPhone 6s4.7 in1334x750326 ppi2015-09-12
iPhone 6 Plus5.5 in1920x1080401 ppi2014-09-09
iPhone 64.7 in1334x750326 ppi2014-09-09
iPhone 5S4 in1136x640326 ppi2013-09-10
iPhone 5C4 in1136x640326 ppi2013-09-10
iPhone 54 in1136x640326 ppi2012-09-21
iPhone 4S3.5 in960x6402011-10-14
iPhone 43.5 in960x6402010-06-24
iPhone 3GS3.5 in320x4802009-06-19
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