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2016-11-24 09:45:51
Compare Camtasia Studio vs ShareStream vs Ensemble vs YouTube vs Echo360
Camtasia StudioShareStreamEnsembleYouTubeEcho360
Latest version8.
Release date2012-07-242013-07-082013-07-082013-03-12
AvailabilityIndividual LicenseUsers Auto Provisioned From BlackboardLimited-Users must registerAll UsersLimited-Users must register
Price299 USD
Input Methods
Webcam recordingYes With PCNoYes Record using mobile deviceYes Record using mobile deviceYes With Personal Capture Software
Lecture/Screen CaptureYesNoNoNoYes With Personal Capture Software
Live StreamingNoNoYes With Third Party EquipmentYes With 100 Subscribers or MoreYes From Echo Device
Video EditingYes For pros, lots of features.Yes Basic- Generates new clipNoYes Basic Editing and EffectsYes Basic With Instructor Tools
Video UploadYes To External ServiceYesYesYesYes From Device and Other Media
Audio UploadYes To External ServiceYesYesYes As part of a video clipYes From Device and Other Media
Include Attachments and LinksNoNoYesNoNo
Video DropboxNoYesYesNo Link Can be SharedNo
Type of generated filesH.264, Windows Media, AVI, SWF, FLVAdaptive to DeviceAdaptive to DeviceAdaptive to DeviceStreamingFlash or Download MP4
Batch UploadNoYes Select Multiple FilesYes Upload multiple Files AutomaticallyNoNo
Automatic UploadNoNoYes From Watched or Shared FolderYes Thru Blackboard IntegrationYes From Device to LMS or iTunes
Directory UploadNoYes yes Drag-and-Drop Bulk Upload Over SFTPYes Automatically when AddedNoNo
Captioning/AnnotationYesNoYes External Service IntegratedYesNo
LMS IntegrationNo Can Manually Add FilesYes Integrated Blackboard ToolYes Add thru BB Mashup or WeblinkYes Add thru BB Mashup or WeblinkYes Device Recording Link
Content SharingYes Link from Screencast.comYes Individual File LinksYes File and Playlist LinkYes File and Playlist LinkYes Recording Link
Collaborative Content PublishingYes PlaylistYes Files or Collections Via LMSYes Publish Shared PlaylistsYes Share PlaylistNo
Downloadable OptionYes Thru Screencast.comYesYesNo With Third Party SoftwareYes
View Video on Mobile DeviceYes or App for InteractionYes Must Download FileYes Streaming to DeviceYes Streaming to DeviceYes MP4 Download or iTunes Vodcast
iTunes/iTunes U compatible RSS feedYes From Screencast.comNoYesNoYes
Learning AnalyticsYes or Google AnalyticsNo Only From LMSYesYesYes Google Analytics
Searchable Media Meta-DataNoYesYesYesNo
Sharing PermissionsYes Thru Screencast.comYesYesYes Can Make UnlistedYes
LDAP AuthenticationNoYesYesNoYes
Shibboleth (auto-provisioning and SSO)NoNoYesNoNo
Control AvailabilityYesYes Files Through LMS, public folders and playlistsYes Files, Playlists and LibrariesNoYes Files Trough LMS
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  • Compare Camtasia Studio vs ShareStream vs Ensemble vs YouTube vs Echo360
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  • Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 3.0 / GNU FDL
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