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DescriptionRadian6 enables organizations to be Socially Engaged, through metrics, measurement, sentiment and analytics reporting to understand and gain insights about social media. Radian6 social media listening, tracking, monitoring and engagement tools allow organizations to understand the impact the Social Graph and Social CRM have.
Price252 USD /y /user (w mobile+connect.)324 EUR /y /user Group600 EUR excl. VAT per year (5 users)
Video tourhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=og5ODXXvMvMhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r1H7OK8lzYhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qXiKAvFu5h8
Mobile support- 36$/user/yYesYes
Starting price144 USD /y /user (single currency) 250Mb/user48 EUR /y /user contact only90 EUR excl. VAT per year per user
Free planYes 10 users (no connect) 250Mb tot,- Free trial 30d (7d for contacts)- 15 free trial days
Google Apps integrationYesYesYes
Microsoft Outlook Integration- option 36$/user/yYesYes
SaasYesYesYes Desktop and mobile versions
Editor/Ownerzoho.comSalesforce.comSimple CRM
On Premise VersionNoNo-
Price Advanced408 USD /y /user (with Files)1620 EUR /y /user Enterprise1000 EUR excl. VAT per month (5 users)
Case ManagementYes- optionYes
Hosting starting price (per year)144 USD / user
CRM integrationYesYes
Other integrationYes Zapier, OneSaas https://www.zoho.com/crm/integration/Yes SMS mailing, web trends search engine, scanner network integration, webmail and mobile email integration.
Social networkYes Linkedin,Facebook,TwitterYes
Project TrackingYesYes
Data Import/Export- 10$ /backupYes 4 encrypted backup day + ability to perform the backup itself locally if you have the Administrator profile
Group User ControlsYesYes Included but it may require modifications based on an estimate
Ticket Billing- paid versionsYes
Emailing option (mass, max)- option 36$/y/userYes Routing from 8€ excl. VAT
Quote tracking- Paid versionsYes
accountingYes Quickbooks https://www.zoho.com/crm/integration/Yes Only monitoring the states of incoming and outgoing invoices
Multi-languageYes French, English and Romanian
Evernote IntegrationNo
Service Level Agreement (SLA)Yes 99%
Spanish- for 2015
LDAP/AD integrationNo
EncryptionYes SSL 256
ERP/Gestion extensionsYes Custom modification in option (quote)
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  • Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 3.0 / GNU FDL
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