Sorrel Residences

2016-12-24 01:42:26
Sorrel Residences
Last update2016-12-24 01:42:26
Building TypeHigh Rise
LandmarkSociego St | V. Mapa Station
Turnover Date/s1/1/15
Appreciation % (most recent price increase only)1.9% as of 2/16/15
Minimum Downpayment10%
Alternative ProjectsOne Castilla Place | Illumina Residences | La Verti | Zinnia Towers ►Contact Nicole Caluza at 63915 418 6160 ◄
More Info
Unit Price & Area
Studio Price RangeP1.9M - P2.1M
Studio Floor Area25 sqm
Studio Total Area29 sqm
1BR Price RangeP2.6M - P3.2M
1BR Floor Area33 sqm - 35 sqm
1BR Total Area38 sqm - 39 sqm
2BR Price RangeP3.2M - P5.4M
2BR Floor Area41 sqm - 53 sqm
2BR Total Area48 sqm - 62 sqm
3BR Price RangeP5.4M - P5.6M
3BR Floor Area66 sqm
3BR Total Area77 sqm
3BR Loft Price Range
3BR Loft Floor Area
3BR Loft Total Area
3BR Tandem Price Range
3BR Tandem Floor Area
3BR Tandem Total Area
4BR Price Range
4BR Floor Area
4BR Total Area
Covered Parking Price RangeP560,000 - P640,000
Covered Parking Size12.5 sqm - 17.75 sqm (w/ or w/o cabinet)
Open Parking Price Range
Open Parking Size
Street level Parking Price Range
Street level Parking Size
Single Parking Price Range
Single Parking Size
Tandem Parking Price Range
Tandem Parking Size
Lower Ground Parking Level
Lower Ground Parking Size
Upper Ground Parking Level
Upper Ground Parking Size
2nd Parking Level
2nd Parking Level Size
Podium Parking Price Range
Podium Parking Size
LGF Parking Single Price Range
LGF Parking Single Size
LGF Parking Tandem Price Range
LGF Parking Tandem Size
Basement Single Price Range
Basement Single Size
Basement Tandem Price Range
Basement Tandem Size
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    2016-12-24 01:42:26
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