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CommentThis could well be a good compromise for the UK at leastUnsexy but efficient cloud-based Accounting, Consolidation and Business Intelligence system. Seems quite slow. Bak import seems wrong way round - negative amounts for receipts.This is a Spanish system that might serve us well for Enveseur. Based in Sabadell. Open sourceInteresting but notToo expensiveMaybe we should use this for our Sales Ledger (and possibly Purchase Ledger) accounting and then export summary data to the accounts package of our choiceModern and popular with loads of addons but reputedly has transaction volume limitations. Solution might be to just use this for General Ledger and Purchase Ledger accounting, not sales ledger.This looks like it could be interesting but they do not seem to respond yo emails or support requests and their google phone number is no longer valid$16/user/monthEstimated Cost $25,000 + The base price is $1,000 per concurrent user and $ 1,000 per module required.Seems far too basicSeems too focussed on just Australia
Versions availableCommunity Online EnterpriseOnline Globe
APINon But v11 will have apiOuiOui
Departmental AnalysisOuiOui
Integrated BankingOuiOui
Automated Bank Reconciliation- Semi
Easy import/exportOuiOui
At least 4 decimal placesOuiOui
Editable Chart of AccountsOui
Ease of useOuiOui
Training not required- RecommendedOuiOui
Assisted installation not required- Recommended-Oui
Ability to edit transactionsOui
Flexible Chart of AccountsOui
Easy journals reversal
Inbuilt Credit Control System
UK + Spanish Accounting RulesOuiOui
Mailchimp Integration
Magento IntegrationOui
Complete ERM SolutionOui
Integrated payrollNon
Ability to handle large volumes of transactionsOuiOui-
3rd party add-onsOuiOui
Multiple VAT Registration ReportingNon We are not able to report VAT in multiple countries from one licenceOuiNon
Intrastat Reporting by CountryNon
EC Sales List
Automatic Document ProcessingOui
Can you segment the nominal code for analysis?
Project CodesOui
Cost Centres
Department codes
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