Comparaison des formats, tailles de cartes SIM

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2014-09-05 03:14:51

Compare the different SIM format described in the specifications: Full-size vs Mini-SIM vs Micro-SIM vs Nano-SIM vs Embedded-SIM.

Thanks to Apple and it's iPhone versions, there is now several SIM sizes used in our smartphones or tablets. The iPhone 4 made the microSIM size widely used, several other manufacturer adopted this format. Now the iPhone 5 introduced the NanoSIM size, which is even smaller.

To have a visual size comparison of the SIM formats, don't forget to click on the chart icon in the top left corner of the table.

HauteurLargeurProfondeurVue de faceMême connexion que "full size"Form factorStandard referenceAppareils qui l'utilisent
Full-size85.6 mm53.98 mm0.76 mmOui1FFISO/IEC 7810:2003, ID-1(taille d'une carte bancaire)
Mini-SIM25 mm15 mm0.76 mmOui2FFISO/IEC 7810:2003, ID-000Presque tous les téléphones portables
Micro-SIM15 mm12 mm0.76 mmOui3FFETSI TS 102 221 V9.0.0, Mini-UICCiPhone 4
Nano-SIM12.3 mm8.8 mm0.67 mmOui4FFETSI TS 102 221 V11.0.0iPhone 5
Embedded-SIM6 mm5 mm1 mm less thanNon soudéJEDEC Design Guide 4.8, SON-8


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