Counterproductive work behavior (CWB) in response to job stressors and organizational justice

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Counterproductive work behavior (CWB) in response to job stressors and organizational justice
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AbstractRelations among job stressors, perceived justice, negative emotional reactions to work, counterproductive work behavior (CWB), autonomy, and affective traits were investigated. Participants representing a wide variety of jobs across many organizations were surveyed both inside and outside a university setting. Results were consistent with a theoretical job stress framework in which organizational constraints, interpersonal conflict, and perceived injustice are job stressors, CWB is a behavioral strain response, and negative emotion mediates the stressor–strain relationship. Only very weak support was found for the moderating role of affective disposition (trait anger and trait anxiety), and no support was found for the expected moderating role of autonomy in the stressor–CWB relationship
TagCloudjob stressors; CWB; orgnizational justice; autonomy
Méthodoogy & Field of research (targeted population & number)292 employees at a variety of organizations in southern and central Florida ; 214 (73%) were University of South Florida psychology and management students who also were employed, and 78 (27%) were nonstudent employees from manufacturing, financial, utility, entertainment, and academic organizations in Tampa ; the anonymous self-report survey included measures of job stressors (autonomy, constraints, conflict, and justice), affect (positive emotions, negative emotions, trait anger, and trait anxiety), and counterproductivework behaviors (CWB).
Discussionjob stressors, including perceived injustice related to both negative emotions and CWB ; negative emotions related to CWB ; at least partial mediation of emotions in the relations between job stressors and CWB ; organizational stressors (such as constraints and injustice) were more closely associated with organizational than personal types of CWB ; interpersonal conflict was more closely associated with personal than organizational CWB ; Situations seen by people as unfair are stressors that may lead to negative emotions and presumably to subsequent strains beyond CWB ;
Limitesfailure of the data to support the predicted moderating role of job control (autonomy), particularly in the relations between task-related stressors (constraints and injustice) and task-related (organizational) CWB ; focus on affective and behavioral responses to the perceived rather than “objective” environment ; the use of a convenience sample of nonstudent employees and the combination of that sample with a sample of employed students
Ouverture / Perspective
Conclusionpersonality seemed more important as a moderator of personal CWB than organizational CWB, and did not seem relevant for justice

Counterproductive work behavior (CWB) in response to job stressors and organizational justice


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