Recruitment Software Comparison
Company nameeBoss Online Recruitment Solutions
Site web
Phone number020 7183 0675
Is it for Temporary, Contract or Permanent recruitmentTemporary/ contract/ permanent
Can it be used for master vendor/recruitment process outsourcingYes
Any corporate/SME functionYes
Is it an ASP * and/or self hostedASP Hosted
What is provided for front end (web) candidate data captureA multi functional interactive website with self service for candidates and clients, including jobs display, registration forms and members areas
Do you have a global capacityYes
Can the product be integrated with Microsoft Office suiteNo
Can the product be integrated with Outlook (or other email client)Yes
Can the product be integrated with other 3rd party applications (eg, SAP, Oracle, etc)Yes - Job Boards and Accounts Software
Set up cost (inc installation, project management and basic training)Depends on requirement
Price per licence£39 per user per month, 2nd user FREE
Annual support  or maintenance cost:Included in license
Annual upgrade costNo upgrade fee's
List any other add-on costs (extraction, multi-posting etc)Unlimited CV parsing, Postcode Search, Managed Email including BCC Archiving.
What support is provided (help desk, onsite, etc)Email and Telephone
Is any support available to candidates or line managersYes, live training
What hours are support available24
  • 2012-06-18 15:35:08
    2012-06-18 15:35:22
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  • eBoss have changed thier prices, It would be great Stephen if you could make the changes on this website (which is great by the way) to reflect our current charging structure.
    English Posté 2014-11-03 15:23:54 par Rob Ward

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