Recruitment Software Comparison
Company name2LS LTD
Site web
Phone number0845 685 2230
Is it for Temporary, Contract or Permanent recruitmentContract/Permanent
Can it be used for master vendor/recruitment process outsourcingNo
Any corporate/SME functionYes
Is it an ASP * and/or self hostedSelf-hosted or Company-hosted
What is provided for front end (web) candidate data captureWeb portal (web), CiViliser (internal)
Do you have a global capacityYes
Can the product be integrated with Microsoft Office suiteYes - very highly indeed (especially Outlook)
Can the product be integrated with Outlook (or other email client)Yes - any mapi-compliant email client
Can the product be integrated with other 3rd party applications (eg, SAP, Oracle, etc)Yes, Daxtra, SMS, Fax, Accounts & others on request
Set up cost (inc installation, project management and basic training)£695
Price per licence£45 per user per month with discounts for multiple licences
Annual support  or maintenance cost:Included in licence
Annual upgrade costIncluded in licence
List any other add-on costs (extraction, multi-posting etc)PostMan & SeeVee search additional
What support is provided (help desk, onsite, etc)Help Desk, Web, Email and Telephone
Is any support available to candidates or line managersNo
What hours are support available9am - 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays).
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    2012-06-18 15:35:22
  • English
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  • Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 3.0 / GNU FDL


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