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2016-06-17 22:51:13
Site webhttp://unity3d.com/unity
FreeOui No pro needed
Physics engineOui
Sound and musicOui
Persistent worldsOui Possible
Data loggingOui Possible
Object manipulation at runtimeOui Possible
Animated gesturesOui Possible
Edition collaborativeOui Possible
Chat and IMOui Possible
Server-client networkingOui
Opt-out content rightsOui Possible
Friends listsOui Possible
Texture upload at runtimeOui Possible
3D model upload at runtimeOui Possible
HTML4 on an objectOui Possible
Voice Chat / VoIPOui Possible
e-CommerceOui Possible
Appearance customizationOui Possible
Heightmap terrainOui
Runs on low spec devicesOui Possible
Used by a large communityOui
Imports OAR filesOui With free plugin
Commercial use- Pro (if >$100k)
Low Monthly costs- Plugin determined
Complex 3D shape editing- Plugins or code
Imports IAR files- Via OAR no scripts
Open sourceNon Proprietary
Tutorials and documentation5.0 1 note
Vehicles and alternate control5.0 1 note
User Interface scripting5.0 1 note
BackupsOui Possible
Scriptable charactersOui
Combat and interactionOui Possible
ScalabilityOui Possible
Scripting at runtimeOui Possible
Existing VR supportOui
Animated 3D modelsOui
Command-line and APIsOui Possible
Shared content libraryOui Possible
Large region sizesOui Possible
Used by large companiesOui All kinds
Content marketplaceOui Asset Store
HTTPS and CookiesOui
Stereoscopic 3DOui
HTML5 on an objectOui Possible
Skeletal trackingOui Possible
Hand trackingOui
Mobile supportOui Native
Pathfinding and AIOui
Augmented Reality (AR)Oui ARToolkit SDK
Peer-to-peer networkingOui Possible
HTML5 ClientOui WebGL
Garbage collectionOui Possible
Opt-in content rightsOui Possible
Future migration optionsOui
Game console supportOui
Minimal network dataOui Possible
Animate at runtimeOui Possible
Soft body physicsOui Possible
Physcally based rendering- Needs pro
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    2016-06-17 22:51:13
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