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RP2040 vs STM32 vs ESP32 vs ESP8266


Compare Raspberry Pi RP2040 vs STM32 F1 series vs STM32 G4 series vs STM32F103C8T6 vs Espressif ESP8266 vs Espressif ESP32 vs Espressif ESP32-S2

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Raspberry Pi RP2040Espressif ESP32Espressif ESP32-S2STM32 F1 seriesSTM32 G4 seriesSTM32F103C8T6Espressif ESP8266Teensy 4.1
Kurzer NameRP2040ESP32ESP32-S2STM32 F1STM32 G4STM32F103C8T6ESP8266Teensy 4.1
Veröffentlichungsdatum2021-01-21 20162019200720192007 Jun 0120142020 May 11
Product details
CPUArm Cortex-M0+ Dual-core @133MHzTensilica Xtensa LX6
32 bit Dual-Core @ 160 / 240Mhz
Tensilica Xtensa LX7
32 bit Single-Core @ 240Mhz
ARM Cortex-M3 @ 24 / 36 / 48 / 72 MHzARM Cortex-M4F @ 170 MHz FPU, DSP instructions32-bit ARM Cortex M3 72MHz maxTensilica LX106
32 bit @ 80 MHz (up to 160 MHz)
NXP IMXRT1062DVJ6A ARM Cortex-M7 at 600 MHz with FPU (32 bit float and 64 bit double precision), DSP instructions.
CoprocessorULPULP (RISC-V)
RAM264 KB520 KB320 KB4 KB - 96 KB32 KB - 128 KB20 kb50 KB less than1.024 KB RAM (512K tightly coupled)
ROM (Flash)448 KB128 KB16 KB - 1024 KB128 KB - 512 KB64 Kb or 128 Kb0 use external SPI flash7.936 KB Flash
UART2323 USARTs (ISO 7816 interface, LIN, IrDA capability, modem control28 UARTS
SPIJa 2 (OSPI)Ja 4Ja 4 (OSPI)Ja 2Ja 2Ja 2
Wi-FiNeinJa 802.11b/g/nJa 802.11b/g/nNeinJa 802.11b/g/n (max 65Mbps)Nein
Bluetooth®NeinJa 4.2 BR/EDR + BLENeinNeinNeinNein
USB HostJaNeinJaNeinNeinJa 2 usb ports (1 as USB host, 5 pin header with power management)
Ethernet (LAN, RJ45)NeinJa 10/100MbpsNeinNeinNeinJa Ethernet 10/100 Mbit (6 pin on board header). Teensy 4.1 contains an Ethernet controller and Ethernet PHY chip.
RTC Memory16 KB16 KBNo16 bytes of memory are located within the RTC. If a coin cell is connected to VBAT, contents of this memory is preserved while power is off. This memory is accessed as 32 bit registers LPGPR0-LPGPR3.
External SRAM8 MB up to128 MB up to16 MB up to PSRAM (QSPI Memory Expansion, ready to solder 1 or 2 chips such as IPS6404LSQ or ESP PSRAM64H on board)
External Flash16 MB up to1 GB up to16 MB up to8 MB up to (QSPI Memory Expansion, board ready to solder additional 8MB Flash chip such as 25Q128JVSQ)
CANJa v2.0JaNeinJa 3
GPIO30344380 (up to)17 (up to)55 input/output signal pins (42 are accessible when used with a solderless breadboard)
Capteur de températureNeinJaJaJaNeinJa A built in temperature sensor allows reading the temperature inside the MCU chip
Touch sensors1014NoNoNo
I²CJaJa up to 2Ja up to 2Ja up to 2Ja up to 1Ja 3
I2S121122 (I2S/TDM)
ADCJa x4 12-bitJa 12 bit SAR ADC up to 18 channelsJa 12 bit SAR ADC up to 20 channelsJa 2 x 12-bit, 1 μs A/D converters (up to 16 channels)Ja 10 bitJa 18 pins total (12 bit, 2 Converters, 4 comparators)
DACNeinJa 8 bit up to 2 channelsJa 8 bit up to 2 channelsJaNeinNein
PWMJa up to 16Ja up to 8Ja 8Ja 37Ja 4Ja 31 pins/outputs (3x PWM 32 bit, 32x PWM 16 bit)
SDMMCNeinJaNeinNeinNeinJa 1 SDIO (4 bit) native Micro SD Card
RMT (remote control)NeinJaJaNeinNeinNein
LCD InterfaceNeinNeinJaNeinNeinNein not dedicated
Camera InterfaceNeinNeinJaNeinNeinNein not dedicated
Deep sleep consumption18 µA (Dormant) 39 µA (Sleep)10 µA, Yes5 µA1 Yes20 µA, Yes
Secure flash1024-bit OTP secure boot4096-bit OTP secure boot
Cryptography supportAES, SHA-2, RSA, ECC, RNGAES-128/192/256, SHA-2, RSA, RNG, HMAC, Digital SignatureSymmetric ciphers and one-way hash can be computed by hardware, but currently no library support exists to utilize this hardware.
Höhe7 mm6 mm7 mm5 mm0.16 in (4.07 mm) (no extra PSRAM or Flash included)
Breite7 mm6 mm7 mm5 mm0.7 in (17.81 mm)
Compare Raspberry Pi RP2040 vs STM32 F1 series vs STM32 G4 series vs STM32F103C8T6 vs Espressif ESP8266 vs Espressif ESP32 vs Espressif ESP32-S2
2023-02-21 15:54:30
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