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2021-12-25 09:28:01

Comparison of the top domain registrars: Enom vs Fastdomain vs GoDaddy vs Melbourne IT vs Moniker vs NameJet vs Network Solutions vs OVH vs Register ResellerClub vs Schlund vs SnapNames vs SpeedName vs Tucows vs Wild West Domains vs XINNET vs 1and1 vs BulkRegister vs directnic vs dotster whois contact2FADélégation gestion utilisateursfree URL redirectionsub-Domain redirectionURL Maskingfree mailboxfree mail redirectcatch-all mail redirectsub-domain mail redirectDistributed DNSDynamic DNS UpdatesDNS custom recordsLast updateOverall rating
1and1 TLD reduce Year 17.99 USD7.99 USD9.99 USD- 5max baseYesYesYes2016-02-13 22:06:520 no rating
BulkRegister TLD13.95 USD13.95 USD13.95 USD12.5 USD16.5 USD10.95 USD2013-03-01 01:34:160 no rating
directnic TLD15 USD15 USD15 USD15 USD2013-03-01 01:34:160 no rating
dotster TLD14.99 USD8.99 USD14.99 USD2013-03-01 01:34:160 no rating
Enom 5$/y2015-03-11 19:10:340 no rating
FASTDOMAIN 21:56:030 no rating
Gandi.nethttps://www.gandi.net579 TLD12 EUR11.5 EUR12 EUREUR €, CHF, GPB, USD $, Bitcoin, PaypalYes TOTPYesYes max 1000Yes simpleYes 5Yes 1000 max2018-09-06 15:25:195.0 1 rating
GoDaddy CH9.99 CHF9.99 CHF4.99 CHF19.99 CHF11.28 CHF2021-09-29 21:12:560 no rating
Infomaniak TLD10.4 CHF9.9 CHF11.9 CHF7.9 CHF8.9 CHF7.9 CHF0 EURYes optionYes- paid only- limited redirection same email2019-06-25 15:26:554.0 1 rating
Melbourne IT 21:56:030 no rating
Moniker FR9.59 USD8.59 USD9.45 USD26.59 USD24.99 USDYes2013-03-01 01:49:020 no rating
NameJet hunter69 USD69 USD69 USD2013-03-01 00:57:460 no rating
Network Solutions 21:56:030 no rating
Online.net TLD srv hosting6.99 EUR6.99 EUR6.99 EUR5.99 EUR5.99 EURNoNo see 2 same subnet2013-03-13 01:19:210 no rating
OVH.com EUR6.99 EUR5.99 EUR4.99 EUR8.99 EUR5.99 EUR0 EURYesNo seems notYes 1000 maxNoYes- 9€/yYes2018-09-06 15:25:195.0 1 rating
Register 21:56:030 no rating
ResellerClub 22:02:530 no rating
Schlundhttp://registrar.schlund.info2013-03-01 22:02:530 no rating
SnapNameshttp://www.snapnames.com2013-03-01 21:03:350 no rating
SpeedNamehttp://speedname.com50 EUR50 EUR50 EUR200 EUR148.75 EUR83.75 EUR19 USDYesYes- on specific demand2013-03-02 22:50:450 no rating
Tucows 22:02:530 no rating
Wild West Domains resellers only2013-03-01 22:02:530 no rating
WebhostUK LTD hosting/reseller hosting/wordpress hosting/Cloud VPS hosting12.99 USD2021-12-25 09:28:010 no rating
webhostinguk.comhttps://www.webhostinguk.commanaged Dedicated servers, Cloud VPS hosting,Shared hosting, UK web hosting14.99 USD2021-12-25 09:28:010 no rating


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