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10.0General questions
310.2General questionsWhich features might be interesting for FCL?Data entry, visualisation, usability-"Farm-to-fork traceability
410.3General questionsHow many users the tool has????
510.4General questionsHow much do you have to pay for the tool?0 €?995$ once (according to
610.5General questionsIs the tool open source, freely available?YesdfdfNot freeNo
70.6General questionsHow do you estimate the useability of the tool?
810.7General questionsPlatform: Desktop, Web?Web-based, cloud-based; tablet, phoneDesktop and web
910.8General questionsHow is the installation procedure: effort, security???
10PwC_1.0PwC - General Information
111PwC_1.1PwC - General InformationCompany nameCashmere Systems LLC
121PwC_1.2PwC - General InformationCompany address"PO BOX 629
131PwC_1.3PwC - General InformationCompany webpage
14PwC_1.4PwC - General InformationAddress of the headquarters of the company
15PwC_1.5PwC - General InformationHow long has your company been in business?
16PwC_1.6PwC - General InformationName of the food traceability softwareCashmere
17PwC_1.7PwC - General InformationNumber of years on the market
18PwC_1.8PwC - General InformationNumber of installations already implemented
19PwC_2.0PwC - Other Information
20PwC_2.1PwC - Other InformationIs the software web-based? => 0.7
21PwC_2.2PwC - Other InformationIs the software open source? => 0.5
22PwC_2.3PwC - Other InformationCan the software be integrated with other systems? If yes, please describe the integration functionalities of the software
231PwC_2.4PwC - Other InformationIs the software compliant with EU Regulation (Directive 178/2002)?FSMAOne step forward and one step backward
241PwC_2.5PwC - Other InformationHas this software ever been used by public authorities? If yes, what kind of public authorities were they???
25PwC_2.6PwC - Other InformationReference customers using comparable products or services (including contact information)
261.0Data structureTool kann beliebig granlaer erfassen, haengt von Daten im Betrieb an.
271.1GranularityIs the system able to handle heterogeneous granularities? Which? How?
281.1.1Traceable Resource Unit (TRU)How is the TRU (e.g. package unit) represented in the system?TRU z.B. Palette -> 3 Pakete auf Palette -> pro Paket x unit, kann FCL nicht
2921.1.2SpatialWhich spatial resolutions (e.g. processing lines) are supported?Several production buildings?raeumlich innerhalb des Betriebes, kann FCL abbildenAll locations are recorded. Example data set contains all locations in one Building.
3021.1.3TemporalWhich temporal resolutions (e.g. duration of activities) are supported?zeitlicher Dauer des Prozesses im Betrieb, kann FCL auf Tagesgenauigkeit = Datum (real), Minuten wird nicht abgefragtNo times
3121.1.4TransformationWhich transformations (e.g. intermediate processing steps) are represented in the system?Describing an example from the software tested makes understanding easier.Prozesskette abbilden, macht FoodProcess-Lab, Rezept erfassen, nicht in FCLStored recipes describe changes in food composition, food texture and mixing verbally , but there is no split into sub-foods like raw milk -> skim milk + cream.
321.2Completeness (tables / variables)Is the proposed tracing data structure (EFSA 2016) represented in the system?Completeness EFSA 2016 (DEMOS) Datenstruktur beschrieben
3311.2.1Food Business OperatorWhich characteristics of the FBO are represented in the system?FBO = Betrieb, in FCL wird erfasst was geliefert wird, keine Unterscheidung in Administration und Processing PlantInventory, demand planningContains food process chain, items (food, packing material), recipes, products, suppliers, customers, storage
3411.2.2Station / EstablishmentWhich characteristics of the establishment are represented in the system?Parameter des Betriebs, Basics in FCL (Str, Hausnr, PLZ, Ort, Country, type of Business)Inventory, demand planning, cost control, CRM, traceability; EDI integration, label printing, scanning integrationsCompany name, address, phone, email, website, company-specific prefixes for material, product, recipe, pallet; federal number, license number, province number, location/premise ID
3521.2.3Activity / TransformationWhich characteristics of the activity are represented in the system?Activities in DEMOS Report, e.g. Relabeling, Cooking, Trading etc. Wichtig zu erfassen. In GS1 wird das erfasst, statische und dynamische Daten (tracing, events, activities). In FCL zwei Activities = delivery, delivery2delivery.
3611.2.4ProductWhich characteristics of the product are represented in the system?wie detailiert Produktdaten erfasst werden, FCL siehe TemplatesInventory: Food / beverage name, category, description, weight, expiration date; raw materials, sub-assembly, finished goods"Food and packing items: Special instructions, shelf life; organic, non-GMO, fair trade, kosher; allergens; supplier, recipes; Std. Cost
3711.2.5LotWhich characteristics of the lot are represented in the system?Lot: wie 1.2.4, siehe Template?Lot no, product name, date, batch
3831.2.6Logistic unitWhich characteristics of the logistic unit are represented in the system?Logistic Unit TRU ?, nicht in FCL
3931.2.7Traceable Resource Unit - StatusHow is the TRU status represented in the system?TRU Status, nicht in FCL
4021.2.8RegisterWhich characteristics of relevant registers are represented in the system?Register?, vielleicht Kataloge, Ontologie?
411.2.9Information SourceWhich characteristics of the information source (e.g. time of data collection) are represented in the system?Information Source, welche Metadaten gibt es, Belege, mit denen nachvollzogen werden kann, welche Quellenangaben, in FCL moeglich
4211.2.10Sampling ResultWhich characteristics of the sampling results are represented in the system?Sampling Result: Probenname und Ergebnisse, in FCL nicht moeglich?No sampling results recorded
431.3Handling of missing valuesHow is missing information handled?
4411.3.1Surrogate entriesDoes the system allow the use of surrogate information for missing entries?"surrogate entries, fehlende Daten, erkennt das System missing values?
4511.3.2Vague informationDoes the system allow the use of vague information / probabilistic tracing?nur Erfassungstool oder macht es auch Tracing, wenn dann mit probabilistischen Methoden? FCl: Score ist deterministisch, nichts probabilistisches?Nothing probabilistic
461.4CorrectnessWhich quality control instruments are implemented?
4711.4.1CataloguesFor which data elements are catalogues provided?Catalogues: e.g. controlled vocabularies, nicht in FCL?Received goods, inventory, order, items, suppliers, recipes, products, packing plans, customers, units of measurement, reasons for not using ingredients
4811.4.2ConsistencyHow is the internal validity checked?How is data kept clean? Are there plausibility checks? Mandatory fields? Software documentation is helpful to answer this question.Plausibilitaetstests, in FCL?"Inspection of received goods: Date, truck door seal, odor, harmful material?, intact load, refrigeration, trailer temperature; accepted/rejected
4921.5Integration in Logistic SystemsIs the tracing system part of a logistic system? Which additional features exist there?Transport? innerhalb des Betriebs oder Outsourcing? FCL kann das nicht
5021.6Integration in Enterprise Resource SystemsIs the tracing system part of an ERP system? Which additional features exist there?eingebunden in ERP?
511.7Data entryHow is the ease of data input / software ergonomics?Data entry: wie gut koennen Daten erfasst werden
5211.7.1Guided data inputWhat are the helping functions for data entry?e.g. wizzard, nicht in FCL, gut in webappSeems as if there are drop-down menusCatalogues, drop-down menus
5311.7.2Stepwise data collection / backward, forwardDoes the system support data collection strategies (e.g. backward / forward tracing)?Import and export of data, especially products, lots, recipes, deliveriesin FCL moeglichWith our tracing reporting tool you can trace starting with a final product down to the purchase orders, and from the purchased item to all of the finished products, work orders, and inventory items."Export of trace back / forward is possible in the report section (PDF, Word or Excel).
5411.7.3Specific for Critical Traceability PointsIs the system adapted to CTE? [Critical Tracking Event: Points where product is moved between premises or is transformed, or is determined to be a point where data capture is] Which food chains are covered?tool spezifisch fuer bestimmte food chains (Zielgruppen), FCL ist allgemein?Inventory\Cycle count: Location in the company with container IDs
5511.7.4Required key data elementsDoes the system distinguishes mandatory, recommended, and voluntary information?Pflichtfelder, recommended etc. teilweise in FCL, sollte hier transparenter und konsistenter sein?Mandatory for new items: Name, shelf life
562.0Analytical functions
572.1Reconstruction of the food supply chainHow is the total food chain represented in the system?Reconstruktion der Warenkette
5812.1.1Data cleaning & consistencyWhich data cleaning procedures are implemented?in FCL: filtern von Doppeleintraegen, wie Datenqualitaet aufrecht erhalten wird?-
5912.1.2Evaluation of connections / scoringHow are the connections and complexity (e.g. hot spots) of the food supply chain analysed?Are data from supplier and outgoing products connected in the system?in FCL: ScoringUser alerts for low stock, expiration dates, sales orders that need purchasesSupplier, ingredients, product, customer: All can be viewed in a report. If the production of a product is planned because of a customer's order, ingredients in stock and BBD are shown.
6022.1.3Evaluation of the timingHow is the timing of the material flow analysed?zeitlicher Materialfluss, e.g. erst rein dann raus, nicht umgekehrt, lange Lagerung; in FCL besser in Webapp, Slider zum zeitlichen Anzeigen des Netzwerkes
6122.1.4Evaluation of the material flow / weight balanceHow is the physical material flow (e.g. weight balance) analysed?Entwicklung von Warengewicht wird beruecksichtigt, moeglich in FCL
6222.1.5Evaluation of contaminationHow is the development (e.g. pathogen growth) of the contamination analysed?Contamination, moeglich in FCL (deterministisch)
6322.2Geographical (GIS) representationWhich GIS features are implemented?GIS: in FCL
6422.3Probabilistic simulation of the material flowDoes the system allow a probabilistic analysis of the contamination (e.g. likelihood of contamination)?nicht in FCL, Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass Kontamination stattfindet
652.4Case-control analysis / epidemiological evidenceDoes the system support case-control analysis (e.g. likelihood of cases)?nicht in FCL, wird hier im RKI gemacht
6622.5Summary / simplifications / reductionWhich strategies to reduce the food supply chain to relevant parts (e.g. CTE) are used?in FCL z.B. Metaknoten, wird verbessert
67PwC_3.0Traceability functionalities
68PwC_3.1Traceability functionalitiesDoes the software support backward and forward traceability? If yes, please provide a brief description of the traceability functionalities of the software.
69PwC_3.2Traceability functionalitiesIs backward and forward traceability conducted all along the supply chain (from raw material to finish product)? If yes, please provide a brief description.
70PwC_3.3Traceability functionalitiesIs traceability envisaged also in the intermediary steps of the food and feed supply chain (e.g. storage, logistic)?
71PwC_3.4Traceability functionalitiesPlease give us an overview of your workflow capabilities including the ability to create user-defined workflows.
72PwC_4.0Analytic functionalities
73PwC_4.1Analytic functionalitiesPlease describe your reporting and business intelligence capabilities including both third-party and proprietary tool options.
74PwC_4.2Analytic functionalitiesDoes the analysis include also data visualization? If yes, what kind of envisaged? Please, attach a screenshot of the data visualization if available.
75PwC_4.3Analytic functionalitiesIs it possible to personalize the reports produced? If yes, please provide a description.
76PwC_5.0Communication functionalities
771PwC_5.1Communication functionalitiesIs communication between stakeholders of the entire food and feed supply chain, esp. suppliers and clients, possible within the system? If yes, please provide some information.?Address, phone number and email address of suppliers and customers are stored.
78PwC_5.2Communication functionalitiesHow can stakeholders upload data / provide access to data concerning the food and feed supply chain? Are interfaces and data structures standard within the system? If yes, please provide some information.
79PwC_5.3Communication functionalitiesPlease provide a brief description of the data structure concerning the food and feed supply chain
80PwC_5.4Communication functionalitiesHow is the granularity of the traceability included in the data structure of the system? Please provide a brief description.
823.1Use of data cataloguesWhich data standards are supported?"e.g GS1, Datenformate, Exportieren, Importieren, wie werden fehlende Infos behandelt?
8323.1.1Internal standardsWhich internal standards are defined?
8423.1.2External standardsWhich external standards can be used?
8523.1.3Data enrichmentAre there data enrichment strategies used?
863.2User managementHow is the user management implemented?Organisation der Sensibilitaet der Daten (user, Betriebe), in FCL zentrale Verwaltung aller Daten
8713.2.1Interactions with the whole food chainWhich data management strategies (e.g. push, pull, central, decentral) are used?Central: All data is stored in one database. Decentral: Local data storage, data is merged. Push?Seems to be centralCentral data management
8813.2.2Data ownershipHow are the data ownership defined? How are data corrections done??Roles with access and editing rights are defined.
8913.2.3On-time analysisAllows the system on-time analysis?Can tracin be done as soon as data is checked? Automatic score calculations? Contrast: Data is in dossiers on paper and needs to be collected from different folders -> needs much more FCL: sofortige implizite Berechnung des Scores?All available for tracing back and forward; report possible at any time; contains no analysis / tracing module
903.3Graphical interfacesWhich graphical interfaces are used?in FCL: GraphView, Map View, Interaktivitaet der Views, Views sind synchronisiert
9113.3.1Flow diagramsHow is the food chain shown on the graphical interface?No graphs shown in screenshots on webpageNo graphs, just tables
9213.3.2MapsHow is the physical material flow shown on the graphical interface (e.g. by maps)?TablesTables
933.4ReportsWhich reports are supported?"in FCL: Tabelle und Graphik, Export als Image, Excel
9423.4.1Different requests / audienceFor which requests are specific reports available?
9523.4.2InteractiveHow could the reporting be customized?
9623.5ConnectivityWhich connectivity (e.g. web, file transfer) is supported?Datenaustauschformate in FCL: XML mit NRW, JSON, Knime Workflow
973.6Support of external devicesWhich external devices (e.g. tablets) are supported?Datenerfassung und Handling mit verschiedenen Devices (PC, Tablet, Handy etc.)
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