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Number of proposals per contest121110 +
Contest length7 days
Min. prize amount$ 299 (include 100% money-back guarantee)$ 269 USD (include money back guarantee)
FeesListing fee plus a 15% commission
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Page mockupYes Get a unique web page design in under a week, from just $595Yes Standard projects start at $499, including fees.
Print designYesYes Advertising, Book covers, Brochures + more
Wordpress themeYes Get a WordPress blog or website designed in 7 days, from $595Yes Standard projects start at $729, including fees.
SloganNoYes Standard projects start at $269, including fees.
Twitter backgroundsYes Twitter background design from $95 with a 100% money back guarantee!Yes
iPhone, iPad app designYesNo
Customer serviceNoYes 877-962-7720 M-F 8am to 6pm, CT and Email anytime
GuaranteeYes 100% Money Back GuaranteeYes money back guarantee
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