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Free planYes 1 project, 2 Writeboards, 10 MB file storageYes 1 project with 2 users and can store files upto 25MB.NoYes 5 users, unlimited collaborators
Free trial periodYes 30 daysYes 30 daysYes 14 daysYes
Pricing plans
  • Basic plan: $24/month (15 projects, 5 GB file storage)
  • Plus: $49/month (35 projects, 15 GB file storage)
  • Premium: $99/month (100 projects, 30 GB file storage)
  • Max: $149/month (unlimited projects, 75 GB file storage)
  • Professional : $25 / mo (25 projects, 20 users, 2GB File storage)
  • Plus : $49 / mo (55 projects, unlimited users, 15GB File storage)
  • Power: $99 / mo
  • Super Power: $179 / mo
From £15 per user per month.Free: 5 users, unlimited collaborators Professional: $49 per month (5 users, annual subscription), $99 per month (15 users, annual subscription) Enterprise: on request
LicenseCloud-based SaaSCloud-based SaaSCloud-based SaaSProprietary
LDAP supportYesNoYesNo
Contacts Address BookNoYesNoYes Can use folders to store contact info in rich text format
Shared CalendarNoYes subscribe to Google Calendar, iCalendarYes subscribe to the iCal feed, link to Outlook or Google calendar.Yes
Schedule meetingsNoYesYesYes
Export dataYes HTML, XMLYes spreadsheet, CSV, zip fileYes CSVYes Export/import folders and tasks as Excel spreadsheets
Visual customization- logoYes logo, colors, theme, categories...Yes add a logo and change color themes, re-skin the entire site to your corporate theme....Yes Can add widgets to the Dashboard, can set folder color
OpenID AuthenticationNoYesNoYes Sign in with Google account
Email notificationsYesYes Set daily reminder emails of all your overdue and approaching workYes Receive auto reminders about tasks that are nearing the deadlineYes Full email integration: create tasks from emails:
Mobile versionYes- No app but can use on iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC Android...Yes iPhone, iPad, BlackberryYes iOS, Android
SSL SecurityYesYesYes Huddle encrypts all data exchanged with the server to industry standard levels as well as authenticating the server itself to the user.Yes
Project management
Time tracking / TimesheetsNoYes All Time Sheets can be printed or exported to a spreadsheetNoYes
Automatic Tracking timerNoYes record time as you work on your tasksNoYes
Project MilestonesNoYesNoYes
Tasks managementYesYes tasks list, recurring tasks, task calendar view...Yes
Gantt chart- With external pluginsYesNoYes Interactive, sleek, instantly created from task list
Resource management- Rudimentary in Basecamp. The new basecamp does not support time tracking which really kills resource management. However, roadmap, which bi-directionally links with Basecamp, does an excellent job of this.NoNoYes Workload view, custom fields for tasks
Workflow systemNoNoNoYes
Report generationYesYes Export reports to a spreadsheetYesYes Workload per user
Issue trackingNoYesNoYes Ability to create custom tags
Document Management
Document editingNoYesYesYes
Online browser editingNoYesYesYes Native, plus integration with Google Docs and with Box, both of which have browser editing
Document sharing and storageYesYesYesYes Can upload files and can also use Google Docs
Access rights managementYesYes Documents can be private, public or shared; Search is completely permission based - you can only search for things that you are allowed to seeYes Set granular permissions against each workspace or folder, controlling who can view specific itemsYes Folders can be shared individually among users. External collaborators can be added.
Document VersioningNoYesYesYes
Description/Tags for documentsNo- Team can add comments to each FileYesYes
Forums & BlogsYesYesYesYes Blog
Micro- blogging Status UpdatesYesYes Subscribe to RSS updatesYes + activity stream
Live chatYesNoYesYes
Phone conferencingNoNoYesYes
Social ShareYes facebook, twitter
Integration with third parties services
Import Basecamp dataYes It is already Basecamp data...YesNo
Freshbooks integrationNoYes Add and update time to your FreshBooks accountNoYes
Google Apps integrationYes Integrate with Google Apps and Google DocsYesYes Gmail contextual gadget to create tasks from email
Microsoft Office IntegrationNoYes Word, Excel and PowerPointYes Also integrates with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive. Possible to edit MS Office files online without downloading
In frenchNoNoYesYes
Service Level Agreement (SLA)NoNoYes Huddle guarantees uptime of 99.9% over any three month period
Email supportYesYes support by email within 24 hrsYesYes
Livechat supportNoNoNoYes
Phone SupportNoNoYesYes
Twitter supportNoYesYesYes
Live video brodcast (events, webinars)NoYesYesYes Live webinars
Video tutorialsYesYesYesYes
Public Feedback SystemYes "Answers" ForumsYes Online getsatisfaction communityYes Ticketing system, ForumsYes Uservoice:
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