Punta Cana Resort vs. Balcones del Atlantico

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2011-10-18 07:47:53
Compare Punta Cana Resort vs Balcones del Atlantico
Punta Cana ResortBalcones del Atlantico
Mis à jour2011-10-18 07:43:282011-10-18 07:43:28
AreaPunta CanaLas Terrenas
Site webhttp://www.puntacana.com/http://www.balconesdelatlantico.com.do
Type of FaciltyLarge ResortResidence Condos
Age of facility30 years2 Years
Staff friendliness3.0 1 note5.0 1 note
Distance from Airport5.0 1 note1.0 1 note
Shuttle to/from airportOuiOui
On-site ActivitiesBeachfront,Wildlife preserve, Golf, Spa, Biking, SegwayBeachfront, Snorkeling
Number of Restaurants31
Restaurant Custom Menu?NonOui
Number of bars42
Number of beaches41
On-site transport needed?Yno
Off-site activitiesDiving, fishing, sunset cruisesDiving, fishing, sunset cruises, Cacao Trail, Coffee Trail, Tabacco Trail, Waterfall trail
Wedding Features
Wedding venue fees?Yno
Wedding venue areas41
Take over a wedding site?OuiNon
Room Choice 1 NamePunta Cana HotelCondos
Room Choice 1 Sizesingles, doublesdoubles, triples
Room Choice 1 Quality2.0 1 note5.0 1 note
Room Choice 1 Cost80 USD320 USD
Room Choice 1 Typehotelcondos
Room Choice 2 NamePunta Cana Beach Casitas
Room Choice 2 Sizesingles, doubles
Room Choice 2 Quality2.0 1 note0 aucune note
Room Choice 2 Cost200 USD
Room Choice 2 Typebungalow
Room Choice 3 NameTortuga Bay Villas
Room Choice 3 Sizesingles, doubles
Room Choice 3 Quality5.0 1 note0 aucune note
Room Choice 3 Cost500 USD
Room Choice 3 Type4 Bdrm Villa
Privacy Level5.0 1 note4.0 1 note
Overall feelSpread out, large, inpersonal but secureMore intimate, smaller, personal, but not all kinks ironed out
Note globale4.0 1 note4.0 1 note
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    2011-10-18 07:47:53
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