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Uplift Pattern: Next Edge Tribesourcing

The Next Edge "Crowd Fund" working group aims to explore ways for tribe members to launch promising projects. This wiki-style chart will be a place where participants can share and co-evolve ideas for this end.
SUBGROUP CONSENSUSJay StandishSeb PaquetSuresh FernandoMark FrazierMushin SchillingCurtis FaithMitra ArdonDevin BalkindDavid Hodgson
Proposed name of initiativeNextEdge Gift Pool

"Tribesourcing Pool"
or "Edgling Pool"
SubtitleSeeding Next Edge innovation
Summary DescriptionA system for members of Next Edge – and later, other tribes? – to bootstrap gamechanging initiatives through pledged gifts

Value for Multiple Tracks? Possible (eg #NewCurrencies #TransOrg)
add to Mark's description: ... and support the innovative activity of individual tribe members
QuoteAtlas HugsReady to take wing in a new dimension
Related Examples"Tribefunding"
When to useUseful when members of online groups want to help launch breakthrough ventures
Useful when online groups ('tribes') want to fund people or activities.Useful when online groups want to collaborate to select & fund projects. Projects either of the group, or projects known to the group.
When not to useNot useful when individual tribe members have enough resources
When classic crowdfunding; VC; Micro-finance etc would work better
1. ATTRACTOR - what makes this interestingNext Edgers can pledge resources – such as funds, volunteer help, Frequent Flyer miles gifts – to seed gamechanging ventures
Building trust, giving value, sharing wealth
Potential for smarter crowdfunding for higher risk ventures
2. CHALLENGE(S) - tensions addressedOld policies and institutions are failing, yet innovators are struggling
3. OPPORTUNITY - vision of achievable change
  • Next Edge innovators overcome startup resource bottlenecks

  • (Some) innovations ease or resolve local and global crises

  • Next Edge "Gift Pool" system gains attention and is adopted by aligned tribes
4. STRATEGY - proposed steps to make the changePreferred strategy

  • Tribe members who opt into the Pool pledge monthly funds or inkind resources. Once each quarter, members vote and choose an admired, well-known figure to disburse the Pool's resources. The assembled resources go to recipients identified by the trusted figure as having breakthrough potential. Recipients deliver monthly progress reports to the tribe in a format designed by the trusted figure.

Other promising paths:

  • Each Next Edge subgroup votes every month to choose 2-3 people and/or projects showing promise to advance its "track" aims. These are posted on Beex, Kickstarter (or similar inhouse pledge site developed by Next Edge). Each innovator outlines specific reporting/tracking commitments for his or her project in advance. The full Next Edge community reviews and discusses on a Gift Pool wiki. Individuals who have committed to Gift Pool support donate funds or inkind support to specific initiatives of their choosing. Givers then leave feedback ratings based on quality of their recipient's verifiable (by third parties) progress reports and impact measures.

  • Tribe members who commit to a Gift Pool support go to an external or internal pledge site each month and review (unfiltered) profiles by Next Edge innovators. They donate funds or inkind support to specific initiatives of their choosing. Givers then leave feedback ratings based on quality of their recipient's verifiable (by third parties) progress reports and impact measures.

Possible path:
  • Create a NextEdge Gift App that will allow regular pop-up (alarm-clock like) and entering of sum & purpose of a maximum of 7
Tribe members propose projects to the group

After discussion a shortlist is picked

One other member does an evaluation on each project - e.g. emails with the proponents etc. In particular addresses questions that come up in the discussion.

Those evaluators report back

Either a selection (e.g. voting) for preferred recipient or two, OR

crowd source for multiple projects (the latter will work better if there are divergent interests)
5. TEST - what stakeholders think of stepsAcceptance issues (via Facebook poll?):

  • Does our subgroup agree on a draft strategy?
  • Do we want to build an inhouse solution, or try with outside platforms?
  • Do we invite other subgroups to offer candidate projects, people?
  • Are Next Edge founders & widely-admired folks on board with idea?
  • (once introduced tribe-wide) Are tribe members willing to pledge?
6. DECISION – next actionNext steps:
  • Compare tribesourcing/Crowd Fund ideas
  • Next weekly conversation explores open issues, moves toward consensus
Gaps to be filled for this patternmore research on "Related Examples" of tribesourcing
Related uplift patternsnone yetNetwork Foundation (UK) - in '80s .
Potential allies & opponentseveryone
Past usenot many past examples of tribesourcing yet found
Current usenot many current examples of tribesourcing yet found
Future use (links to prediction wagers)If someone has a good prediction market, I'll wager something there that a Tribesourcing pledge system will be adopted in Next Edge and at least two other tribes in next 6 months
Pattern initiator (contact)Mark Frazier (Skype Openworld) or mfrazier at openworld dot com
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