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    Compare Lowes vs Altrek vs Aquatica
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    Corner bathtubs are an ideal solution when a bathroom is small, or shaped so that there is just not enough room for a traditional bath. Built to fit a range of different styles and requirements, the corner bathtub can be the perfect feature in a bathroom which doesn’t have the room to accommodate anything too large, out of the ordinary, or traditionally shaped. Corner bathtubs come in a variety of colours, too, so there won’t be any need to redecorate the bathroom in order to accommodate these styles of bathtub. There are so many different types of corner bathtubs available throughout Canada that it can seem as though the homeowner is spoilt for choice, but by carefully reading a few facts about each website with a specialist area on corner tubs, it is possible to narrow down that choice range to a select few.
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    Lowes, Altrek, Aquatica
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