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  • andrewstevenson a commenté Comparatif de logiciels de gestion de projets
    le 2021-11-01 16:20:08
    Thanks for the table. It's quite interesting, cause software and app development is not easy. You can check this guide on food delivery app development, I think it can be useful for the developers and project managers. Good luck!
  • andrewstevenson a commenté App development cross-platform
    le 2021-10-06 19:00:37
    After 2 years of experience in an international IT company, I understood that Flutter is one of the best languages for mobile app development. This site also has a great knowledge of this platform. I think I would love to work with them and develop applications on Flutter.
  • andrewstevenson a commenté Comparaison des versions Android
    le 2021-01-25 17:35:11
    I like your comparison, that was really interesting! I like to read authors who are not impartial. Sophia, I think that a lot of people heard about Flutter, but I do not agree with you. Yes, flutter is a cross-platform tool and it's very cool, you can read this webpage for more info but I also heard that it is hard to find a developer on flutter. You may develop an application, but after that, it will be hard to support it, fix bugs, etc. So this is a double-edged sword.