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2012-03-24 22:07:33
INNOVESTMENT is a platform for the crowdfunding of promising business ideas and innovative startups. Our unique auction mechanism ensures that the conditions of financing are market-driven, which is fair, transparent, efficient and beneficial for both companies and investors. Investors obtain access to a brand-new form of investment opportunity. Companies profit from a market-adjusted company valuation, as well as financing at optimal conditions. Our vision is to help entrepreneurs realize their creative visions and business dreams by matching their financial needs with informed investors.
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Date de lancement2011-11-01
  • Free registration and use of the platform.
  • A fee of 5-8% upon successful funding (Dependent on the amount of raised capital)
Pays d'origineGermany
Levée de fond
Montant maximum de la levée de fond100'000€ (without financial prospect)

500'000+€ (with financial prospect)
Durée de la levée de fondAuction of 30 days
Qui peut lever des fonds ?Innovative businesses based in Germany with:
  • a functioning prototype and/or a market-ready product
  • an impressive and skilled team
  • a scalable and intelligent business model
  • clear USPs

We welcome all types of business, but have clear expertise in and focus on technology companies.
Investisement minimum+/- 1000€
Qui peut investir ?Anyone 18+, registered and certified on the site. Our focus is on serious, informed investors, who understand the business potential, as well as the risks and who could become valuable contacts for the company.
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